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This small modification aims at preventing Ash and Goo piles from forming in the event of an enemy's death from an energy weapon. (Was created with Settlement cells that are persistent in mind)

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This is my first mod, as I was getting frustrated at the persistent ash/goo piles in my settlements from attackers (I'm also running other mods which seem to be preventing some cells from completely resetting so these piles stay, unlike in vanilla where it would seem that the entire cell would reset, which would respawn all loose junk items, containers, npcs and remove these pesky piles) So I figured I'll try my best to prevent these piles altogether, as they are ugly in my opinion, and they clash with the Glowing Meat Bags mod.
  This modification seemed to work on the npcs that were spawned in with the Settlement Raiding mod, as I only started working on it a few hours prior to this release. I'd assume that it does not matter what the npc is, whether it's an npc added in with a mod or an Vanilla/ingame npc since I tested it on many of these fleshy targets with and without the plugin and it worked for me. 
  I did my testing with a plasma rifle and a laser gatling, however I changed the same variable that I did with these two weapons to any weapon that had the same variable, so I see no issue with it not working with other weapons/grenades.

  •   This modification prevents the Ash and Goo piles effects from taking place when an enemy is killed, whether it be from a plasma gun, laser gatling, laser rifle, laser turret, institute rifle, plasma grenade, etc. Anything that can cause these effects SHOULD have been modified, but let me know if there is anything I missed. I have not tampered with the cryo death effect, as it does not seem to cause any issues that I am aware of.

  •   The way I have made this modification seems to prevent any nuclear material from spawning on corpses when you have killed them with a plasma weapon.

  •   Please note that this mod does not remove these from the game, so any piles you have had previously will have to be deleted via console commands.

This mod was made with FO4Edit
I used Settlement Raiding Mod for testing.
Glowing Meatbags Mod

                                                                                                   VERSION 1.4
 The way the mod works is now simplified and should now be compatible with: Gatling Laser Ammo Improvements As well as any other mod that adds weapons/ammo so long as they don't have their own newly created critical effects. I changed how the mod works, which I should have done in the first place. 

  • NEW Mirelurk queen acid spit SHOULD be effected now and should no longer cause her own goo piles.
  • Alien blaster should no longer cause an ash pile. 
  • Automatron DLC Assaultron head laser would cause an ash pile, it actually used a vanilla game variable which was separate from the variables that I had changed which every other weapon uses. Due to it being a vanilla game variable, as the other changes in this mod, it does not require the Automatron DLC to function; so this version is current and not an optional DLC file. Head lasers will cause an immolation effect from now on.
  • 1.3A Replaces the immolation crit effect that I replaced the normal ash/goo effects with, with a more subtle one.
  • 1.4 Robot ash piles should be cured. Will change crit effect again and test it. 

 Let me know if anything is missing, I tested the 1.3A version with the same testing procedure.   

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