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Adds detail, npc's, lighting and new areas to Diamond City! Come check out Goodfellow's Crown Jewel-s!

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My ModShop  - How about some security for outside DC as well? ... Goodfellow's Diamond City Defences

This is a mod i was working on years ago but never got around to finishing it. I always wanted my own Diamond City mod and have also worked on a similar exterior mod as well.

All of the new interiors are inaccessible. Please see this mod more of a 'bulking out' mod rather than an outright extension to the city.


  • Added a new area in the far stands with a city wind power station. Moved Abbot's house to behind the stands.
  • New derelict area behind the water purifier with a broken bridge.

  • A brand new farming district to support it's residents without having to look outside.

  • Added a new area and walkway behind Publick Occurrences. This is where you will now find Sheffield.

  • The mayors office now extends the full length of the floor. He has his own guest entertainment lounge and pool table. The reception area now has pre-war collectables and a seating area. (Check out my other mod if you just want this addition.)

  • Added a newbuilding next to the warehouse.

  • Sheng guard confrontation event now takes place on the bridge. This gives the impression that he approached the guard as he was coming to harass him which I feel fits his personality. His store has also been spruced up.

  • 'Kellogg's area' now has a new building which creates a kind of tunnel full of junk. I feel it will make the approach for the quest feel much more intimidating now.

  • More residents! More mattresses littering the city for the fellows to sleep.


  • The obvious addition is the added trees and foliage. Surely the residents want to live in a pretty city right?
  • Added much more lighting to highlight store signs. The bus for the schoolhouse is now lit up.

  • The wall is now visible all through the night and the mayor can now actually been seen if his speech is at night. (The speech should also trigger sooner so the speech is already underway as you approach.)
  • The mayor's office is now lit from the city below.
  • The Colonial Taphouse now looks like it belongs in the upper stands. Its now been decorated and refurnished.
  • Abbot has now started painting the other areas of the wall and now stands on an elevated walkway.
  • Dark areas near Nick's now have lantern's so the whole street is no longer in darkness.
  • The plume of smoke from the market is now larger.

  • NPC's will now browse more in the market.


  • Added turrets to the towers. Enemies will now be constantly fired upon by at least one of them wherever they are in DC.

  • More guards andchanged patrols. A guard now patrols on top of the wall. There's also one paroling the top stands to satisfy the rich folk.