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A simple adhesive recipe made with bubblegum and Nuka-Cola.

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This mod was borne out of my desire to make bubblegum more interesting and useful. When the Sole Survivor is traversing the wasteland and stumbles across a piece of bubblegum, it's almost so entirely worthless that it's not worth picking up. Should you eat it? Bubblegum restores a mere 10 HP--slowly, over 10 seconds--and is partially offset by 1 point of radiation damage. Should you trade it? Bubblegum is worth a paltry 5 caps. Can you do anything else with it? Not really--there are virtually no other uses for bubblegum. What can be done about this saccharine tragedy?

Some mods tried to make bubblegum more useful by returning a piece of adhesive upon consumption, but this approach requires the use of a custom script, which I wanted to avoid. Another angle would be to just buff the base stats of bubblegum, but this doesn't seem thematic to me. My solution is to provide a new, useful recipe that requires bubblegum. And what recipe is more useful than one that produces an item with adhesive as a component?

Enter Nuka-Glue. Here is the recipe for making Nuka-Glue, which provides 10 adhesive, found on the Cooking workstation under the Utility category:

10 pieces of bubblegum + 1 bottle of Nuka-Cola = Nuka-Glue

Now when you're wandering the wasteland, you can finally have a reason to pick up all those little pieces of bubblegum, knowing that when you've collected enough, you can head to the nearest cooking station to make some truly useful Nuka-Glue.

Download and install with a mod manager.

Does not alter any vanilla fallout 4 records. Should not conflict with anything.