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Submariner's Uniforms for the Minutemen and some for everyone else too.

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23//01/16 - Updated the mod to be completely standalone, now requires Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) to work. Added a patch for Armorsmith Extended. I've also tweaked most of the textures a little and (hopefully) fixed an issue with the normal maps that was bugging me.

9/01/61 - Added a new standalone version of all three uniforms and the hats and berets to the file section. The standalone file
was kindly made by Karel2015 who has also included the armours as part of their MinutemenOverhaul mod.

15/12/15 - Added a new version of the uniform in black and brown with red markings. There's two versions, one with an altered minuteman logo and one without any logo.
I've also added a couple of different versions of the military cap as requested, one in black and one blue.


This started as a quick retexture of the submariner's uniform and hat that I threw together for my own use and decided 
to share for anyone else that might want it since then i've added a few different things.

The mod now includes seven different variations of the submariner’s uniform, some with the minutemen symbols some without. There are also three hats to match the uniforms and the two minutemen military caps.

As of version 2.0 the mod is now completely standalone and requires Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) to work. I considered using the chemistry station to craft them at first but using AWKCR seems like the better idea in the long run.  I'll leave the original replacers up in the optional files section for anyone who'd rather just use any of those instead.

 I’ve also uploaded a patch to make it compatible with Armorsmith Extended meaning both armors and hats can be modded with the linings and ballistic weave and so on. You can also attach legendary mods if you're using a mod that lets you do so such as Legendary Modification.  I will however admit the patch might not be perfect, my fo4edit skills are still shaky at best but it does seem to be working for me and if you have any problems with it let me known I’ll see what I can do. 


If you're using the main standalone file then all of the items should be craftable at the armorsmith workbench under either

 If you're using a non standalone retexture file you can get the armours by either pickpocketing them from Captain Zao or adding
them in via the console - 

Uniform - player.additem 00118864
Hat - player.additem 00118865


Install either with nexus mod manager or manually by dropping the textures folder into your Data folder if that’s what you