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Dark blue style for vault suits.

Permissions and credits
- Original mod: N7 Themed Vaultsuit (made by: Ruddy88) -

A dark blue redesign of the vault suits intended to
feel realistic and natural within the Fallout universe.

Fits really well with: Dark Sci-Fi Vault Retexture

It has clean/dirty versions and female/male versions. 

Is it Lore-Friendly?
As we have already seen officially in the saga,
vault suits usually vary in design depending on
the region and other conditions (such as the year in which they were made, etc.).

So, this, and other vault suit mods, 
can fit perfect in Fallout's universe. So, don't worry. 

Original mod, credits and permission:
The original mod was N7 Themed Vaultsuit, made by: Ruddy88,
a vault suit mod inspired by Mass Effect. 

When I first saw it, I was impressed by the design and color
scheme, but I didn't like the fact that it has 
Mass effect logos on it and that disable vaults's numbers
on the back. 

So, I made this little retexture work to make it feel 
more "Fallout" and less "Mass Effect"; but all the really
hard work was made by Ruddy88 and this user deserve all the credits for it.
My work was minimal compared to Ruddy88's.

That said, if you want to reupload or edit 
this mod, you must ask Ruddy88 for it first.


Now, enjoy playing and
good luck on The Wasteland!