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The handy-dandy settlement prep tool. Get any settlement clean, looted and ready to build in minutes.

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The handy-dandy settlement prep tool. Get any settlement clean, looted and ready to build in minutes.
Bit of a work in progress, mainly this was made for my own use. I have been doing new game playthoughs with new companion mods, and wanted something to help streamline settlements but not so much as switching over to sim settlements.

Optimization Warning: Using this to eliminate items not scrap-able in the base game, will break optimization, and can result in significant performance loss.

I do plan to look into how to work with the game optimization. Ideally someone out there has a mod that creates optimized versions of the settlements without all the trash, I dont know if they exist (or if there are versions that dont just remove all the trash to start with)

Under [Special] - Utility Cart
Simply Activate to use, select a task and area

  • Cleanup trash, puddles, minor debris
  • Remove Wines/Weeds
  • Clear Brush
  • Clear/scrap small Trees
Bulk Scrap
  • Industrial Trash - (tires, barrels, etc)
  • Boxes. Crates
  • Larger Trash Piles
  • Vehicles
  • Construction Equipment/Supplies
Batch Run the above
  • Replace broken bed frames with beds
  • Clear/scrap Privacy hedges
  • Clear/scrap Picket Fences
  • Clear/scrap Playground Equipment
  • Store Vault Pieces
Remove Orphaned Lights
Remove Mist Fog
Replace old/broken furniture with prewar or vault versions

Suggestions Welcome
I have a solid framework in place so adding new things is largely just throwing them into a form list. Especially things that you always scrap.

A Note on Notifications
Basic Clean - Removes items without scrap (things like puddles, splatter)
Scrap Clean - Removes items but returns some scrap for each (trees=Wood, Leaves/Shrubs=Fertilizer)
Bulk Scrap - Links Objects to Gnome to be scraped in bulk
Bulk Store - Stores Objects in workshop

Inspired by
This is Trash - A Scrapping Alternative
Immersive Cleaning