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This new worldspace is slightly smaller than the island of the Far Harbor DLC, accessible by a mysterious ship just outside the Far Harbor settlement. There is environmental storytelling and hopefully some challenging obstacles, but there are currently no quests. In future, I hope to add NPCs and quests but for now it's just a place with stuff.

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Maticus Island is a new land to explore based very loosely on Matinicus Isle, Maine. There are many settlements and locations to explore, and environmental storytelling to discover what has happened to this isolated pocket of America in the post-nuclear apocalypse. It took me around a year to make in between other pandemic projects, and I hope people will enjoy the stories it tells and the challenges it has to offer, and for my second published mod I'm pretty happy with it so far.


How do I access the worldspace?
Go to Far Harbor, then out of town head right until you find a ship sitting by a rotting pier. Alternatively, it's marked on the map by default.

How long does it take to explore?
When testing it takes me about an hour to speedrun it, but that's because I already know where everything is. I'm not sure how long it would take a fresh player but I'm guessing around two hours, maybe three if they're slow.

How do I leave?
By the boat cabin door that you came in. It's just a straightforward teleport door.

Are there quests?

Not currently, though I hope to add some in future. The Creation Kit and quest scripting don't always like to play nice so it's a slow process and I wanted to release this before the end of 2021.

Are there NPCs I can talk to?
Not currently, though I also hope to add some in future. I know this makes it a bit Fallout 76 but I'm only one guy.

How well does it run?
On my high end GPU (3070ti) it runs well, with consistent 60fps except for a couple of locations where it drops to 40. I've used the Creation Kit to create precombines and pre-visualisation data (if you don't know what that is, it's just a couple of ways Bethesda optimise their games) but how well that has worked on lower end machines I'm not sure. I expect it runs about as well as Far Harbor, but it's possible the Creation Kit threw up some errors or incomplete data that I haven't noticed the impact of on my 3070ti.