Vault 81 Molerat Disease Immunity with Power Armor and Hazmat by ParasiteX
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Added: 12/12/2015 - 04:12PM
Updated: 24/11/2016 - 01:12AM

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Last updated at 1:12, 24 Nov 2016 Uploaded at 16:12, 12 Dec 2015

Wuuut?! An update for this lil mod? MADNESS!
After listening to some of your pleasant whining, i decided to make some improvements to this mod based on a few ideas i got from taking a peek inside the mod Hermetic Power Armor by mcgan
Power armor still gives you complete immunity to the Vault 81 disease. But you now gain an additional 10% chance for infection for each Power Armor piece missing. Up to 60% when only wearing the frame.
In addition, Hazmat Suits will no longer give full immunity. Instead it reduces chance of infection to 20%.

I also made sure that you can never ever get infected by your companions getting pulled by the molerats. No matter what you or your companions are wearing. No more retarded AI ruining your day!

Left the old versions around for those that don't like the new chance for infection changes.

Fixed a small bug in hazmat only version, where you would not get infected at all when not wearing a Hazmat suit.

Also took the opportunity to slap in an extra optional version of Power armor versions. Where you have a 1% infection chance even with full power armor.

Original Description:

This mod simply prevents you from getting infected with the molerat disease if you are wearing Power Armor or a Hazmat Suit. 

Only your character needs to be equipped with Power Armor or a Hazmat Suit. And you wont get infected even if your companion gets bit without Power Armor or Hazmat. Just as long as you are wearing PA or Hazmat, then you are protected.

There should be no compatibility issues with any other mods. And it should also work with mods that change the effects of the molerat disease (maybe).

XBONE Version Available!

PS4 Version Available!

To install either use NMM or install manually by dropping the *.esp file  in your Fallout 4\Data folder and activating it. Only use one one of the plugins.

To uninstall simply remove the *.esp file(s).

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