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Re-upload of an old Enclave themed player home I made.

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This is a re-upload of an old player home I made back in 2017. I was never satisfied with how it came out and so I took it down a couple years ago, but quite a few people have messaged me since then asking about it so I've decided to upload it again for those who want it.

As showcased by Klone Wolf, DiscoGnome, and theDeluxeSam

[ Description ]
Is your character too rugged for that luxury condo, but too hi-tech for the survivalist shack? Well then you're in luck. Nestled deep in the Glowing Sea is a hidden underground facility constructed by one of the premier powers of the wasteland: the Enclave. Official designation Enclave Listening Post Epsilon, otherwise known as the Remnant Bunker, was established under President John Henry Eden to gather intelligence on the technology and activities of the shadowy organization known as the Institute. Now barely a decade after their defeat in the Capital Wasteland the last occupant of the Remnant Bunker has fallen, leaving the bunker behind for anyone to find. Could it be you?

[ Features ]
- Well hidden Enclave home made with the prydwen kit.
- Detailed and lore-friendly backstory.
- Decontamination chamber that removes rads.
- Toggleable mannequin genders.
- Toggleable faction flags.
- Interactive Infirmary.
- Fusion Core Recharging Station.
- Water Purifier machine.
- Power Armor garage bays.
- Custom workbenches.
- Custom containers.
- Full interior settlement functionality.
- Can dismiss companions to it.
- Light switches.

[ Known bugs ]
- Some workbenches are not linked properly.

[ Credits ]
- Elianora, for the custom bobblehead display.
- Everyone who liked this home in the past and continued to ask about it years later, it's very encouraging.

I no longer work on this so please do not ask for me to fix the workbenches not being linked. Anyone else who wants to fix it may do so, perms are open so you can do whatever you want with this.