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Adds 13 new prefab structures to use in settlements. (All are larger than vanilla prefabs)
Its compatible with pretty much every big mod and that shouldn't change.

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I won't be improving this mod. Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone.

Adds 13 new prefab structures to use in settlements. (All are larger than vanilla prefabs)
Should be compatible with everything except things that also override the covenant prefabs. (Homemaker/SSEX OK!)


Made in Fo4edit. Tested by me. This is a very safe mod to use...

...However, none of these prefabs are easy to place at first. This mod is not for the impatient. You'll have to twist and turn and shift around to find a good place to plop. I have personally plopped all of them at Starlight.

Currently AI can't move freely in and out of the houses. This is something I may or may not be able to fix. After reading this please don't come harassing me in the comments. If it doesn't suit your taste uninstall and its cool to say something like, "I'd prefer to have houses that do ____" just in-case another modder wants to capitalize on the opportunity and sees your post. Remember, I'm doing this for free and for you all. This mod will not break your game, so I don't deserve any hate.

THE EASIEST WAY TO PLOP THESE HOUSES IS: Type "tcl" in console and fly straight into the air and plop the houses from above. This was the easiest way for me and in some cases I couldn't plop the houses otherwise.

Precise Object Moving and Rotating (From the guy who made Snap and Build Greenhouses)

If you use Cheat Engine:
Place in Red may make this mod really easy to use. 

Holy jeez this mod is blowing up... time to expand the FAQ.

1. So if plopping huge prefabs is tedious, why did you make this mod?

Honestly I'm quite confident that the tedium is the reason you haven't seen this mod sooner. (That and the jank navmesh used). No one wanted to bite the bullet and embrace the inevitable wave of "hey I can't plop this house with ease" comments that'll surely ensue. I made this mod because like with all mods, there is SOMEONE who wants this.

2. Can I snap doors?

No but you can place them in the doorway.

3. Can I place furniture indoors?


4. Will the houses plop on any terrain?

No, in my test of a few dozen plops- I could only accomplish it on land that was mostly flat. The bigger the house, the more flat land required. Make sure there is nothing that will interfere with the process, (settlers in the way, crap on the ground).

Ploppable Houses name idea by hellthirteen.

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