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Adds craftable water shipments you can carry with you instead of a pile of purified water.

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Are you the water baron, lord of hydration, but you have trouble moving all your product? Then this is the mod for you.

This mod adds craftable water and crop shipments to the chemistry station under Utility. Each shipment is composed of 25 units and has the same value as the stack of items. And like all other shipments in the game, they are weightless.

Convert your pile of water into these convenient shipment notes and you can carry your wealth with you.

And if you have all your settlements linked together, you can collect the resources from all of them without leaving home.


1.1 - Added shipments for crops as well. Reduced shipment size to 25 for easier selling.
Warning: If you upgrade from version 1.0, your existing shipment notes will lose half their value. Sell them before upgrading.

You can't scrap an object into a consumable item like purified water, so once you convert your water into shipments, you can't convert them back. They're only good for selling.

You'll find your shipments under the Misc category in your inventory. So if you're looking for them in the Junk category, you're in the wrong place. This is because any junk item which doesn't scrap into any material components gets automatically listed under the Misc category.

This mod was created with FO4edit. As far as I know this shouldn't cause any problems, but I felt obligated to say.

If you uninstall this mod you'll lose all the shipment notes you've crafted. If you plan on uninstalling it, you'll want to sell them all first.