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This mod alters the order that mod attachments are ordered to put the base armour/weapon name first then show the attachments as categories. Makes sorting weapons much easier alphabetically as all weapons and armours in game will now show up grouped together. It also adds the armor size (light, medium or heavy) for whatever size armour you are usin

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  • Spanish
  • French

(what a mouthful!)

Thanks to d4n13lus for making this available in Spanish.

And wim95 for making a Russian translation!

French translation:


Are you tired of scrolling through the often long and ambiguous weapons and armor? Sick of your combat armor and Leather armor being all over the place instead of grouped together by type? Want your armour to show exactly what size they are without having to equip them?
Then this mod's for YOU

AND REMEMBER! If you like it, ENDORSE IT. I really think this one can make it as a hot file!

frogs345, the author of cut weapons, has gone about making a patch mod to fix quite a few oversights and mistakes in the vanilla games weapon mod systems. Part of this patch included the INNR records, rest assured, if you are interested in using his mod he has included a patch to work with this mod. See his page - Weapon Mod Fixes

Support for Nuka World DLC

Fixed DLC naming for real this time. Rejoice!

I noticed that for armors, the legendary suffixes were in the same rulesets as some armour mods, meaning that if you attached a deep pocket mod to a legendary piece of armour, instead of showing Combat Armour Chest Piece | Deep Pocketed | Cloaking it'd just say Combat Armour Chest Piece | Cloaking. All legendary suffixes have been moved to their own ruleset, meaning that you should now be able to see applied material and misc mods alongside whatever legendary effect it has.
Added support for Automatron and Far Harbour.
Cleaned up the name of the file itself, the plugins themselves have author info

Just a minor tweak to add | Ballistic Weave suffixes to Armor, Clothes and the Vaultsuit to accomodate any mods that allow weaves on extra pieces. Safe to download for all, if you dont have mods that affect this the extension simply wont show, wont harm your game or cause conflict in any way.
Also, I skipped V1.2... deal with it.

Added in smart ammo prefixes. This adds the ammo prefix to the front of the weapon for all weapons that CAN be converted. Instead of adding ALL ammo types (10mm 10mm pistol seems redundant as does Mini Nuke Fatman) it will only add the ammo type to weapons that make sense (eg: .308 Hunting Rifle) and will add a "Converted" tag to any weapons using a non-default ammo type. 

QUICK NOTE: This mod works perfectly in sync with Better Item Sorting, I strongly suggest you go and grab that too, it is perfectly compatible and actually sits really well with this mod. What are you waiting for? go get it!

So what does it do?

This mod alters the way weapons, armor and power armor pieces are displayed in your inventory. It re-arranges it so that the base name shows first, meaning that even all of your modified gear will appear nicely grouped together by type when sorted alphabetically (default sort). Any upgrades applied will now appear AFTER the base name and will be seperated nice and clearly with pipes. Additionally, Armors that come in multiple sizes will now also show their size permanently (traditionally the size prefix would disappear if certain other MISC attachments were applied).
Armor sizes are much more straightforward: Light, Medium or Heavy. No more of the ambiguous Sturdy (which was the medium size) and the light versions will now display as such (traditionally it remained blank and displayed the standard name). Guns are sorted by their caliber as well.

An example:
Combat Armor Left Arm | Light
Combat Armor Torso | Heavy | Shadowed
Combat Armor Helmet
Combat Rifle | Marksman | Automatic
.308 Hunting Rifle | Scoped
.50 Converted Hunting Rifle | Scoped

So on and so forth.


Due to the way the game names things, the INNR file that changes the names will not be called until the item is modified in some way.
This means, any existing armor or weapons in your inventory or in player placed chests etc, WILL NOT have updated with the new names. To get around this, you will need to force an update on the item, you can do this by simply installing ANY upgrade to it, you can always change it back afterwards. Items that have been manually named will not be affected, if you want them to be you will have to rename them back to their original name (has not been tested). Any new items found or spawned in through console WILL have the new naming conventions applied.

EDIT: QuietusPlus has found an easier way to update names. Simply drop an item and pick it back up, upon adding it back to your inventory the name will update. This will make bulk re-naming much quicker, just grab everything, drop it, pick it back up ready to be put away in your chests.
Thanks for finding this one out!

I am also unsure how container (chests, vendor inventory etc) items are handled as far as the current cell you are in, there's a chance, that if they have been preloaded already when that cell loaded that they will also have vanilla names until being updated, however, if they do not load until you actually open the container then they should be fine. Either way, this will only be an issue for first time installation for the current cell you are saved in.
Lastly, if you decide to uninstall this mod, the same applies, and any current items will need to be updated before they revert to their vanilla names.

EDIT: One other thing, Ranged guns have quite a few categories, yet they are all listed in the same section. What this means is that the title will show the last applied upgrade in the name. So say you have a 10mm pistol, you add a reflex and it becomes a 10mm | tactical. If you then add a large clip, it will remove the word "tactical" and replace it with "max capacity". That, I believe, is how the vanilla game works, I just never noticed because of the often ambiguous nature of naming it uses. Also, not every upgrade has a name, some modifications will result in no name change, this again, is a behaviour of the vanilla game, I have not edited any of the names (save for shortening some to make more sense or to fit better), so it will still follow the same names used in the vanilla game and the same behaviours.
I am considering releasing an updated version and separating each of the attachment classes for the guns so that it displays all mods, but I think that will be too cumbersome. This might be something better left for when the GECK comes out as a tooltip option.

The technical stuff:
This mod alters the INNR (instance naming records) files to utilizes a more categorical and easier to sort naming convention for ALL vanilla weapons, armors, and power armors in the game. 
The mod DOES use an override, meaning there is the POTENTIAL for conflicts on other mods that edit the INNR files, but to date, I have not seen a mod that does, so you should be safe. It does NOT change ANY of the OMODs (object modifications), Weapons, Armors, or any other file, so will be completely compatible with any mods that change the vanilla weapons and armors, UNLESS they have changed the keywords, as the INNR uses the keywords to assign a name in your inventory. If they have used different keywords and removed the default keywords, then it will just mean that they will revert to default naming, but should still work without any fear of CTD of any other errors. 
STANDALONE weapons and armors MAY or MAY NOT work with this mod, there will not be any conflict, but for the same reasons stated above, some standalone weapons and armors may have used different keywords (particularly those that focus on using unique upgrades like my N7 Armour mod) which again, will just mean they will be named differently. If that is the case, and keywords have been changed, then they SHOULD have used a unique INNR file.

If you find any mods that DO NOT work due to modifying the INNR files, then please send me a link and I will work on a patch, or at the least update the mod page with an incompatibility note.

This mod does not add any new files to your game and will not in any way affect performance.
Simply Install with NMM (or any other mod manager).
For manual installation, extract the .ESP file to your DATA folder (its the only file in the download). Be sure to activate the mod in your plugins.txt and make sure you set the .txt file to READ ONLY before launching your game or it will reset and none of your mods will be enabled (a result of the recent fallout 4 patch, google it).

To Uninstall, simply uninstall in a mod manager, or delete the BetterArmor&WeaponNaming_by_Ruddy88.esp file from your data file (and remove the entry to your plugins.txt file).

As mentioned in the Technical Stuff section above, this mod shouldn't have any issues with any other mod as it only affects the INNR files in the game, which so far I have not seen changed in any mod so far. If you are using a armor or weapon mod that uses unique keywords and a unique INNR then the benefits of this mod will not apply to these particular items, but they should still run together.
The only incompatibilities that will cause conflicts are mods that change the vanilla INNR file, which to my knowledge, is none.
If you do find one, please let me know so I can contact the author and work on a patch, or at least update with a list of incompatible mods.

I made all the changes myself, but the idea came from talking with johndoebowler the creator of Craftable Armor Size (if you don't have it, go get it. awesome mod, should have been vanilla!). Without him, I probably wouldn't have had the idea and even I did, I'd still be digging though form ID's trying to find how to do it!

Suggested Mods:
These mods are not required, but they do work very well alongside this mod and are highly suggested.

Craftable Armor Size
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