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Radio station with 90+ classic country and rockabilly songs from the 1930s-1980s all about truckin', roamin', ramblin' and amblin' down the lonesome highway.

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Ramblin' Caravan Radio
is a station full of tunes centered around the trucking lifestyle. Ramblers, roamers, loners — truly the caravaners, brahmin jockeys and couriers of their day.

They're men with a romanticized notion of themselves as  modern cowboys and outlaws, hauling heavy loads down lonesome roads, only stopping long enough to enjoy the jukebox at a honky tonk or the joe at a truck stop.

More than 90 songs in classic country and rockabilly style, by prime examples of the genre such as Red Sovine, Dick Curless and Dave Dudley. Other songs are about being a rambler, wanderer or hobo in general, or about being the lonesome "woman behind the man behind the wheel."

Several songs are more well known by certain singers, but I've found covers and original artists for many of those, so even well-tread tunes like "I've Been Everywhere" and "On the Road Again" will sound fresh. The playlist I put together was carefully boiled down from a selection of over 200.

The period I've taken from spans from the 1930s to the 1970s, so they'll fit in nicely with other traditional Fallout radio stations. Most are songs, there are also a few stories-to-music which are typical of the genre and a handful of very brief host segments. Those are adapted from The Road Gang, a trucker-centric radio program based in New Orleans.

The full list of songs and artists is in a readme in the download.

Installation: Drag and drop the esp and ba2 files in your Fallout 4 Data folder... the Nexus installer might work too? I've only ever manually installed stuff.
(Note if you were one of the 130-odd people who downloaded the first version: I uploaded a fix.)