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Makes Unique NPCs and Better Settlers play more friendly with Horizon.

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Changed lots and lots of NPCs(raiders, gunners, settlers etc.) stats and loot to be inline with Horizon.

When installing Unique NPCs choose to have better settlers, most options are fine for what ever you pick though I don't suggest using special settlers(super mutant, robots, etc.) they might not be balanced right. Don't pick any of the Super Mutant Redux or Minutemen patches or gunners overhaul*. Horizon makes enough changes to those factions so I won't be making a patch for them.

*There are two gunners overhauls and this is the one that the installer has a patch for. Gunners overhaul

Does require AWKCR, it's near imposable to remove it from Unique NPCs

Notice anything off about the patch let me know in comments.

An optional, very experimental version of AWKCR is available in downloads. It only contains the info needed to run Unique NPC and Better settlers. If you want to run other mods that need AWKCR than get the full version
Download AWKCR then overwrite the ESM with mine

Made with xEdit.
Looking for someone to help spruce up my mod pages.
Don't forget to look at my other mods and endorse if you like.
Taking requests for Horizon patches. Maybe other simple mods.