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This changes the default "Combat Leg Armor" model from just a big plate on your thigh and instead gives you shin/knee protection.

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Heads up ! Recently released a nifty little paint and decal mod. Go check it out here: Custom Combat Paint and Decal Replacers


This is a simple mod that changes the default Combat Leg armor for both male and female characters. Now, instead of a single thigh plate for both your legs, you get some shin/knee protection instead. The model used is from the Sturdy/Heavy Combat Leg armor, only you won't get the big thigh plate.
Honestly I did this because:

1) Vanilla thigh plate looks silly on some outfits
2) Piper is my fav companion right now, and I really dig her coat - but don't like seeing big thigh plates clipping through.
3) Like the leather/metal/raider armors, the default combat leg armor starts at the shin, then goes up to the knee. And with the upgrade to sturdy/heavy, you get the addition of thigh protection. Found it strange that the Combat Armor didn't follow the same route. And that's why I made this !



Use Nexus Mod Manager !


Files included with the download:

4 modified Meshes (model) - 1 for each leg, and for each sex
1 modified Diffuse Map (texture) - covers all combat leg improvements, same as vanilla (i.e. reinforced, fiber, polymer, etc)
1 modified BGSM (material) - because I had to enable Alpha Transparency



There is no esp (plugin) file needed for this mod to work. If you haven't already, just be sure to make the appropriate INI changes like you would for all other mods that add new meshes/textures/materials

There is a version of this mod available for use with Endormoon's Custom Combat Armor (http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/4865/?), and the appropriate files are located on his mod page.

For higher resolution textures that support this mod:

4k Combat Armor Retexture by Leyr - http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7381/?


Tools Used:
Material Editor