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Full compilation of my glowing mods.

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ETSGS - Easy To See Glowing Stuff by Derp v1.0

Want more glowing stuff?

Another Glowy Fallout Mod - Fusion cells

Want more glowing stuff? Check out "Glowing items" by bwins95 here: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7043/?

Updated again, sorry guys ETSGS 1.2 changes:

Fixed Glowing holotapes - they now glow at every angle.

ETSGH now has a version that is compatible with custom holotape textures

Fixed fomod, it's now modular again.

ETSGM 2.0 Update added, changes:

New Edge and Text versions available in a few colours.

Custom glow map textures for all mags (except 1)

"Grid pattern" now fixed on all versions!

Every Magazine now glows!

"Wasteland Survival guide - Road to Diamond City" does not have a custom glow map (it just has a normal glow) because it is the most useless thing ever and should burn in hell.


Video by Rodneeey here (Starts at 5:50):

Really quick and cool "mods in a minute" video by ZAYNORY aka UNOG here:

A full compilation of my glow mods, all in one place.

This includes the following:

ETSGM - Easy To See Glowing Mags
ETSGB - Easy To See Glowing Bobbleheads
ETSGH - Easy To See Glowing Holotapes

New Files:

Text only glowing bobbleheads
Reduced Glow Holotapes.

Any future glow mods will go here.

This uses a fomod installer and took ages to configure - select what features you do/do not want - fully modular.


This requires Perk Magazine Material Fix By Old nick, remember to endorse him for fixing something that i couldn't:


1. edit your fallout4.ini file to this:

Under [archive]
Add the following line:


edit the following line to:

2. Save and make fallout.ini read only.

3. Install this mod with NMM


Simply either manually delete the installed files in data/materials  data/meshes and  data/textures or uninstall with NMM

My other stuff:

Chem Redux Pack