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Adds new Combat armor vests to the leveled lists, come in 4 variations.

Permissions and credits
Version 1.2C
Released Option File for Gray vests. Comparison pictures up.

Bug fix released for combat vest.

Includes 1 new "Press" Vest, as requested by cmd062
Includes police Vests for raiders, will feature tears and clean versions

9 Vests in total, that can be found on in game enemies. (BOS, Gunners, Raiders)

For Males and Females

Police vests are found on raiders, they also maintain the stats of Raider's Torso Armors.
Combat Vests (Plain ones) Tend to be worn by Gunners and others that commonly wear combat armor. Maintains stats of Combat Armor chest piece.

All vests are capable of being upgraded as their vanilla counter-parts, and also can have legendaries and 'Size' changed if you have mods that allow such for their vanilla counter-parts.

Combat Vests will possibly look different than in screenshots, this is due to palette mods and differences. In-game the combat vest will appeare more brown and worn than in the screenshots. Due to reinstallation of Windows, I am unaware what mod turned the combat vests grey. 

Known issue: Straps on vests seem to float. This cannot be fixed without 3D editing software. I do not believe there are any tools capable of editing the geometry of Fallout4 Models yet.

Clips with some outfits (Such is the nature of armor)
Conforms better with some outfits making the belts on the Crop-top look less floaty as in the screen shot.

Level lists editted;

Works with mods such as;
Legendary Modification
Craft Armor Size

Change Log
1.0 Initial Release
4 Vests 'Combat Versions'

Added 4 Police Vests

Fixed Decals on .Nifs

Fixed 'Combat Vest' .Nif which had become corrupt