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Integrates Discord Rich Presence into Fallout 4.

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Integrates Discord Rich Presence into Fallout 4, allowing you to show what you're currently doing in game on your Discord profile.

  • Which menu you're currently in (paused, lockpicking, using terminal, trading, sleeping, dialogue, leveling up, using workshop or in main menu).
  • Character name, location, health and amount of caps.
  • Time played.


Unpack the archive to your Fallout 4 folder.
Installation path should look like "Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\Discord_Presence_F4SE.dll"

INI file:
After first launch plugin creates an INI file at following path - "Data\F4SE\Plugins\Discord_Presence_F4SE.ini"
If you are using MO2 - it will be here -  "MO2\overwrite\F4SE\Plugins\Discord_Presence_F4SE.ini"
In INI file you could specify:
- bShowPlayTime (0/1) - will show\hide play time in Discord profile.
- bDebugMode (0/1) - will enable\disable debug mode. Use only for debugging, disabled by default.
- bHideName (0/1) - whether to show or hide Player character name. - since V2
- bHideHP(0/1) - whether to show or hide Player character HP. - since V2
- bHideCaps (0/1) - whether to show or hide Player character caps amount. - since V2 - DISABLED BY DEFAULT since V3.
- bHideLVL (0/1) - whether to show or hide Player current level amount. - since V3

Translation or customization:
Since V2 you could customize every text displayed by plugin.
In INI file there's "Translation" section. You could replace default text displayed by adding new values to ini.

List of default text and their default values:

s_T_LaunchingGame = Launching game
s_T_Exploring = Exploring
s_T_Fighting = Fighting in
s_T_HP = HP
s_T_Caps = caps
s_T_InMainMenu = In Main menu
s_T_InPipboyMenu = In Pipboy Menu
s_T_LevelingUP = Leveling up
s_T_Talking = Talking in
s_T_PauseMenu = In Pause Menu
s_T_Sleeping = Sleeping in
s_T_LockPicking = Lockpicking
s_T_UsingTerminal = Using terminal
s_T_Trading = Trading in
s_T_Crafting = Crafting
s_T_LVL = LVL ; since V3

INI Example(can be copied into INI):

bShowPlayTime = 1
bHideName = 0
bHideHP = 0
bHideCaps = 1
bHideLVL = 0
bDebugMode = 0

s_T_Exploring = Investigating
s_T_PauseMenu = Chilling
s_T_Crafting = Making new stuff

I have no objection if you create your own translation and upload it as a separate mod.


  • Ian Patterson for helping me setting up F4SE;
  • lStewieAl for the idea and mod description I've copied. If you're looking for Discord rich presence for Fallout:NV, check out their plugin;
  • Discord for Discord RPC library kindly provided on GitHub;
  • C6 for helping me out with Discord application;
  • LiesAndMischief for FALLOUT 4 HIGH-RES ICON SET
  • SuperiorRice for testing.

Source code is located here.