Wastelander's Cookbook by Lunarion Silver
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Wastelander's Cookbook (WCB) adjusts various cooking recipes by changing which ingredients are used, the required amount of said ingredients, and the effects of specific culinary related consumables.

It also introduces lore-compliant consumables into the game (such as brahmin milk) as well as providing new, custom recipes for already existing ingredients in a vanilla influenced style, so as not to seem out of place. 

Experience all the flavours of the Commonwealth today; fun to play with, and to eat!

WCB comes in two versions: Immersion and Light. Immersion is the complete mod as originally intended. Light removes the radiation damage from prepared food, and is probably unbalanced.

Please visit the readme for complete details regarding the adjusted vanilla recipes and new consumable effects.

[Quick Compatibility]

For users of mods which also change level lists, you must create a merged patch through FO4Edit or only the items from the last mod in your load order will appear in-game. This includes recommended mods such as Mojave Imports. You still need to create a FO4 merged patch even when using the patches provided by WCB.

For users of Project Commonwealth, Wastelander's Cookbook has been integrated into its ESM.

WCB plays best alongside RebalancerNX Pro, and Chemist's Cookbook. It will conflict with any mods which modifies the vanilla recipes or foodstuffs in any way.

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