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With this mod you will add 6 new standard followers to your game. They will follow and fight with you, but don't expect to see a big story by them like by affinity followers.

Permissions and credits
Preset followers

This mod adds the following to the game:

-06 new standard followers.

North of Vault 111. You should already see them, after you leave Vault 111 and watch to the north.

Installation Guide:
-Download and unpackthe file with 7zip (external link) or something similar.

-Simply copy all the files as they are into your Steam Fallout 4 Data folder (the path should look something like this: “steam / steamapps / common / Fallout 4 / data /... ”).

-Activate the mod with NMM, Vortex, another Mod Manager of your choice.

-Have fun!

General Info about the Preset Followers:

This mod adds six new companions.

However, I would like to say right away, six new standard companions. That means, they won't have a story and they won't support many features that you might be used to from affinity followers.

What they can do, however, is:
-Follow you.
-Go somewhere specific, or do something specific.
-They benefit from the Live & Love magazines, just like the big affinity followers.
-They have unlimited ammunition. Just give them any weapon and 10-20 rounds of ammunition and you will never have to worry about them again.
-They level with the player.
-They have combat perks. (Claire [Gunslinger], Sonja [Rifleman], Jill [Commando], Anna [Rifleman], Chalsea [Commando], Samara [Gunslinger])
-All can be assigned to Settlements and work there.

I created them to be able to quickly strengthen my “Follower Army”. I have a habit of assigning a follower to each of my settlements. In my RP-thoughts as a kind of armed mayor who regulates everything there and protects the settlement.

The only problem is that vannilla Fallout 4 already has over 30 settlements, not including those from Far Harbor, or Nuka World, and certainly not from Mods.

Conversely, this means that I would need around 40 followers to equip all of my settlements with one follower and unfortunately you can't do that with affinity followers, so I quickly filled the ranks with these standard followers.

If you think similar, you at least have now 6 new followers who can play the mayor of 6 of your settlements. Incidentally, the mod is called “Preset Follower” for a reason. The faces of all followers are based on presets that I downloaded from Nexus beforehand.

You can find the original preset links at the bottom of the page.

I know that the preset followers look very different from the originals in parts. This is because I separated the presets from a lot of what would have been based on other mods, as I wanted to make this mod available as a standalone and not with an eternally long rat tail of mod dependencies.

The followers also do not have individual clothes from clothing mods that go with their bodies. In the end I decided against it, because that would probably have landed the mod over 100 mb + on the one hand, and on the other hand, because I would have had to get the permission of various other mod authors (from those of the clothing mods) and that would have in turn the release of the mod may have been pushed back a long way.

The bottom line is that these followers serve their purpose. They stand out optically from the normal settlers and can serve as your extended arm in the settlements. Lastly, I should make it clear again that all followers of this mod are not affinity followers. That means they don't have a story (except maybe the one in your head), don't prefer or reject any of your actions, etc.

Now I just wish everyone a lot of fun with this mod!

Incompatibility Warning:
This mod is maybe incompatible with every mod that changes the surroundings north of Vault 111.


Is this mod lore-friendly?
-Depends on you. Of course, you can always come up with a lore-friendly story for the 6 followers, or not.

My PC stutters when I get near Vault 111.
-It turned out during the development of the mod that 6 followers in one place with their different scripts, ai-packages and meshes, can put a lot of strain on a PC.

I recommend that you separate the followers as soon as possible. That would solve the problem and reduce everything else back to the usual level.

The followers have the black face bug. What can I do about it?
-The followers sometimes have the bug for the same reason that your PC sometimes stutters when you walk closer to Vault 111 - your system is simply overloaded. The same solution as described above helps against this.

Send the followers to different settlements and the error should no longer occur. You may have to restart the game briefly after the error occurs so that the error is completely gone. Sorry guys, but that's the way it is.

Some of the text fields, of the followers are empty. Will it stay that way?
-Yes. As I said, these are standard followers and I'm not planning to expand them much. The text options you now have is all that was planned for them.

The followers have no voice. Can you change it?
-In theory, yes, but as already mentioned many times before, they are standard followers and that is why I did without voices by them.

Why did you use the presets you used and not any other, or more?
-As already mentioned, I couldn't use more without bringing the average gaming PC to its knees. Apart from that, I chose the presets that I liked - for whatever reason - and those who did not have too many mod requirements.

The more mods a preset needed, the less interesting it became for me. I think that's a bit of a shame myself, because there are some really nice presets on the Nexus that I couldn’tuse, to keep the mod standalone and also to not ask feeled 10k people for their permissions to use parts of their mods, I had to narrow it down a bit.

-The production time of this mod was 4 months+. 2 – 3 hours real mod work and then 4 months searching and waiting for english spell checkers to fly over this text for the mod – mainpage, just to finally give up on them and to do it without a spell checker. Some day, my patience was just at an end -_-. Sorry guys.
-Obviously I used a Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine preset for Claire Mitchell and Jill Flores, but I renamed them for immersion reasons. Hope nobody mind. In our minds they will always stay as Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine :).

azarkiowa – for Ponytail Hairstyles v2.5a
DvSiNt3nTiOnS –for the Gym Booty Body preset
Jmenaru's - for the Jmenaru Bodyslide preset
Lucian1995 – for the Victoria Body preset
navy5465 – for the Face preset of Claire
navy5465 – for the Face preset of Jill
Ousnius and Caliente– for CBBE
saltmaxwellpshk –for the Face preset of Sonja
TheDeadMorose– for the Face preset of Anna
them411– for the Face preset of Samara
Webuck– for the Face preset of Chelsea