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Heavy Tactical Footsteps is a mod that overhauls the footstep audio in Fallout 4 with sounds from Metro Exodus, to give them a much more "weighted" sound.

Permissions and credits
What it does:

The mod replaces nearly all of the footstep and some movement sounds in Fallout 4 with corresponding "heavy" ones from Metro Exodus.
Around 25% of the sounds were not present / not able to be extracted so I had to make some of them myself by editing the audio.
Currently, the mod does NOT effect the water sounds, for some reason it would cause issues with the volume / not change certain sounds at all, working on fix currently

Currently, the mod does NOT effect NPC footstep sounds, I purposefully did this as in testing the rattling noises didn't seem accurate at all when coming from a settler with regular clothing on, as well as this, it adds some individuality to the player. Unless people want it, I don't plan on adding it.


1.1 - Removed useless .esp files from directories, renamed mod to reduce confusion.


For Mod Manager, simply download and install with your mod manager of choice, files are in a loose format, most would prefer a .ba2 but CK is broken for me and the load times and or performance impact is null and void for an audio mod with this low of a foot print.

For Manual, drop the contents of "Data" into the data folder in your FO4 directory.


Not necessary, but I recommend turning footstep sounds down a bit in settings ( I use around 75%) as they are quite a bit louder than the stock sounds,  I could have edited them all individually but the point is to create heavier, louder sounds so, meh.

Also not necessary, but I think Reverb and Ambience Overhaul adds another layer of immersion to the sounds when inside.


All rights to audio present in this mod go to 4A Games, I do not claim to have created / recorded any of the files present in this mod.

Ending Notes:

Thanks for downloading and consider endorsing if you enjoyed it, this is technically my first mod and if you run into any issues / have any suggestions be sure to post and I will fix / change whatever needs. :)