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Replaces the Sanctuary (both pre- and post-Minutemen versions) and Foothills music with potentially better suited music.

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NEW FILE ADDED: A friend requested the mod minus any Minutemen music changes. As such, I am also including an optional file that changes the Sanctuary/Foothill music, but leaves any Minutemen music alone.

Are you tired of hearing the spooky and eerie music while trying to enjoy exploring Sanctuary, Concord and the surrounding regions?

Feel like the music that plays in Sanctuary doesn't fit the 'rebuilding a home' vibe?

Don't enjoy how militaristic the Minutemen music sounds?

Want a V8 Corvega fast-travel option that includes Preston riding shotgun and Marcy tied to the hood, where she and her garbage attitude belong?

Unfortunately, I can't help you with that last part (though I bet there are mods out there that can). If you answered yes to the other three, you've come to the right place.


What this mod does do is replace the terrible music tracks that play in Sanctuary and the surrounding areas with some that are, in my humble opinion, better suited to the situation. Sanctuary is supposed to be home, rebuilt to a thriving settlement, yet the music doesn't fit that relaxed nature.

On the other hand, while the Minutemen can become powerful depending on your choices, I never saw them as a militaristic power like the Gunners, Brotherhood or even the NCR from New Vegas. The music selection that Sanctuary, and other Minutemen locations, changes to never felt right to me. It was a little too......martial and warlike. Nothing like I imagined them to be.

As such, I have simply taken tracks from Vanilla Fallout 4 I feel were better suited to these locations and renamed them to 'overwite' the tracks that would normally play. For Sanctuary pre-Minutemen and the Foothills (Concord, etc), the new music still gives a feeling of loss and grief, but not that eerie tone the Vanilla tracks have. For Sanctuary post-Minutemen and other Minutemen locations, the tracks chosen still promote the rebirth of the Minutemen and the protection of the Minutemen, but aren't as 'war-drummy' as the Vanilla versions.


For those that must know what tracks will now play according to their file names:

Sanctuary/Foothills Explore Music 1 and 2 are now the basic Explore Day 1 and 2 music.
Minutemen Faction themes have been replaced with Public Exploration Day 1 and 2 music.
Palettes (the small tunes that play between major tracks as fillers) are a mix of Trees and Public palette tracks.


Well, yes, there are a few, but they don't seem to play well with other mods (scrap mods specifically). This may be because the cells themselves are being edited to change what tracks are called, and thus the conflict arises. This is just my guess, of course.

This mod simply takes music track files and renames them to the tracks called for the specific areas/situations, i.e. Explore Day 1 has been renamed Foothills Explore Day 1.

From several hours of testing, there haven't been any issues (with scrapping mods or otherwise), and the new tracks should play immediately upon loading into the areas. Please let me know otherwise, or if any conflicts come up.


The tracks included in this mod are the property of Bethesda.