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About this mod

Compatible with More Where That Came From, adds 36 period-accurate songs without removing originals. Travis's lines are fully intact and will deliver on time.

Permissions and credits
Elvani's Track Pack for Diamond City Radio

This mod adds 36 period-accurate songs to Diamond City Radio without removing the original songs, and without removing or messing up Travis' line delivery. Only works for the English version of FO4.

Works with 'More Where That Came From' mod!
This mod is fully compatible (and best used with) More Where That Came From by OldManMose76. Install this Track Pack after installing MWTCF v3.1 or higher (thereby overwriting the blank voice files from MWTCF), and you'll have a 147 tracks added to the Diamond City Radio alongside the originals (for a total song count of 189!), without losing Travis or mixing up his intro/outro lines.

If you're using the two mods together, make sure you're using version 3.1 or higher of More Where That Came From.

I highly recommend that all users install the 'FIX THAT SOUND' patch and load it after all other radio mods. It should solve any problems with audio balance or quality.

I made this mod primarily as a fix to restore Travis' intro/outro lines which MWTCF removes, and the added songs are just a bonus.

Track list
Jack, You're Dead - Louis Jordan & His Tympani 5
We'll Meet Again - Vera Lynn
It's All Over Now - Peggy Lee
In the Middle of May - The Pied Pipers
Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin' - Delta Rhythm Boys
Public Melody Number One - Louis Armstrong
Powder Your Face With Sunshine - Evelyn Knight
Show Me The Way To Get Out Of This World - Peggy Lee
Love Me or Leave Me - Sammy Davis Jr.
Big Town - Roy Brown
I'll Be Seeing You - Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
In the Mood - Glenn Miller and the Army Air Force Band
After You Get What You Want You Don't Want It - Nat King Cole Trio
Sing, Sing, Sing(with a Swing) - Benny Goodman and his Orchestra
Charlie, My Boy - Bob Crosby and his Orchestra
Rags to Riches - Tony Bennett
Everything is Movin' Too Fast - Peggy Lee
(Love is the) Tender Trap - Frank Sinatra
Rum & Coka Cola - The Andrews Sisters
You'll Get Yours - Frank Sinatra
Tampico - June Christy & The Stan Kenton Orchestra
When That Man is Dead And Gone - Glenn Miller & his Orchestra
As Long as You Live (You'll Be Dead If You Die) - Louis Armstrong
Shake Down the Stars - Ella Fitgerald & The Chick Webb Orchestra
Wolverine Blues - Bob Crosby & his Bobcats
Destination Moon - Dinah Washington
Moonburn - Bing Crosby
Mean to Me - Billie Holiday
Choo' Choo Ch'Boogie - Louis Jordan & His Tympani 5
Shoo-Fly Pie - June Christy and The Stan Kenton Orchestra
The Lucky Old Sun - Dean Martin
Milenberg Joys - Bob Crosby & his Bobcats
Vagabond Shoes - Vic Damone
Standing on the Corner - Dean Martin
The Daily Double - Georgie Auld and his Orchestra
My Heart is a Hobo - Tex Beneke

Install Instructions

Install with your mod manager of choice.

For a manual install, place the Sound folder (taken from inside the ETP folder) in your Fallout4\Data directory.

Please also download the 'FIX THAT SOUND' patch for an optimal experience. Install it the same way as the main mod.


Your mod manager can handle uninstallation.

For a manual uninstall, delete the files located in Data\Sound\fx\mus\radio\diamondcity\ and Data\Sound\Voice\Fallout4.esm\NPCMTravisMiles\.

If you're using More Where That Came From, reinstall that mod after uninstalling this one.

Known Issues, Alternate Version
Some people find that these files change the volume of Travis's lines and the original songs. For others, the volume is balanced and sounds fine. It seems to be a problem with how the game handles audio*, since the files themselves are all the same decibel level.

Download and install the 'FIX THAT SOUND' patch and load it after the main mod.

If you find that the main version of the mod's audio sounds wrong, try the alternate version. If both sound weird and you can't stand the mod, I recommend uninstalling as it's something I can't fix.

also try:

- Control Panel > Sound
- Double click the playback device you want.
- To to Enhancements tab.
- Tick Loudness Equalization.


-Right click on the speaker icon in your task bar
- Click on 'Playback Devices'.
-Find your default output device right click, select 'Configure Speakers'.
-select 2.1 audio

Version history

1.0 - initial upload
1.01 - hotfix uploaded, thanks to MrFisse