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Using the latest version of ENBSeries and taking advantage of it's core features to create a natural, detailed look for the game's environment.

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                                                                                 HOW TO INSTALL and Other Additional Info

1. Download and install NAC X weather overhaul. This ENB has been made specifically for this weather mod and is not guaranteed to look good with any other ones.
2. Go to Enbseries official download page for Fallout 4 and download the latest version.
3. From the zip file go into WrapperVersion directory and drag and drop d3d11.dlld3dcompiler_46e.dll and enbraindrops.dds files into the game directory (same folder where the game executable is).
4. Download either the main or performance version of Natural Scenery, from the zip file drag and drop the contents (one folder, 2 .ini files) into the game directory.
5. When in game you can toggle the ENB editor via the "End" shortcut and you can toggle the mod on/off via the "Scroll Lock" shortcut.


1. Performance version gives a good boost to FPS while retaining good quality.
2. There are optional files for download in case you want no letterbox (black bars), a cleaner look (no sharpening, blur, vignette) or less depth of field.


1. If you're using any water enhancement / texture mods, you may want to disable the WATER effect in the ENB editor as it will take a big hit at the framerate.
2. I highly suggest enabling NAC's patch for ENB which will disable some of it's post effects that don't really go hand-in-hand with ENB. If this is the first time you're using NAC X, once in-game you'll be instructed how to open it's settings from the pip-boy, you can even favorite them to a key to easily open without having to access the pip-boy every time. You'll see the NAC patch for ENB when you open the settings.


None of the shaders used in here were made by me. My role has been porting, modifying and configuring in order to achieve the look that I had in mind. All the     shader authors are credited in the respective files, but the main credits go to Boris Vorontsov (creator of ENBSeries), JawZ, kingeric1992 and MartyMcFly.


Most of the environmental/texture mods seen in the screenshots include the following: