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me lmao

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Fixed instance naming rules so Nanofilament isn't spelled Nanofiliment. Vanilla and AWKCR versions available. Heil grammar. Made with FO4Edit 4.0.3

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Tired of putting up with/renaming Synth Nanofilament armor so you don't have to look at that ugly spelling mistake in the vanilla game, that even the unofficial patch doesn't fix?
This here mod is a final solution to that question.
Not even a clue of how to make an installer but it's just one tiny .esp file, shouldn't be difficult.
Yes, this is a tiny near-insignificant mod to fix a tiny near-insignificant nitpick.

As for permissions, do with this whatever you please. No need to ask me or anything. Reupload it, merge it into a mod of your own, make silly edits, it's fine by me.
It would be cool if you didn't claim you made it (even though it's a tiny mod), but it's not like I can stop you.