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Actually randomizes Rust Devil robots instead of the same stock ones every time.

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Version 1.1 - sets Ahab back to unique and fixes several spawning issues. Removes FOMOD - now individual files. Plugins changed to Masters for future-proofing and patching with other mods.

New optional file: add base Automatron robot parts to vanilla leveled lists!

The Automatron DLC was released witht the promise that you, the player, would get to build your own horrific death machine out of metal and the blood of your enemies. Unfortunately somebody seems to have forgotten to let the Rust Devils in on the secret, as all of their machines look like a wet fart on a truck stop paper towel.
None of their stock robots are randomized, despite all appearences. So what I've done is gone back through and meticulously redone them so that any Rust Devil robot can spawn with any attatchments that it can support. Begone, days of seeing the exact same lamebots! Now they've got personality!

What this mod adds:

All Rust Devil robots can now spawn with any mods that their frame type can support, all staggered out to level up with the player!
Robots can now spawn with paint jobs for that extra bit of flavor and variety!
Robot loot lists have been adjusted so that you can actually loot mods off of any robots you kill. It's still not a guarantee that you'll get it, but at least now you won't finish the DLC with a crate full of 52 Assaultron Left Arms
Rust Devil robots can now spawn with MiscMods (hacking, EMP, radiation, ets) to both help their masters and aid you after you pry them out of their twisted metal husks

Mechanist bots have been largely untouched - they came off of an assembly line, not out of a raider workshop, so randomness wouldn't really fit the bill. However their loot lists have also been updated to reflect their actual appearances.

Lore friendly!
No save bloat or scripts - install and uninstall at ANY POINT with no problems!

Incompatibilities: any mod that changes Automatron looks or items. Automatron Randomized Bots by rylasasin is a big one.

The installer comes with three versions of the mod: the first version was the original idea, just a randomizer. Unfortunately I realized that due to RNG, high level robots would spawn with crap just as often as they spawned with good stuff, so I ended up making two additional versions.
The unleveled version makes it so that all robot parts are able to spawn on all level robots. In English this means that you'll meet really high level bots at every level. On the plus side, you'll be able to scavenge high level mods at every level too.
The True Leveled version - the recommended one and the one that I play with, removes the crappy base level options from higher level robots to ensure a constant level scaling with the player. Much closer to the leveling system implemented everywhere else in the game.

This mod was made not only as a playable out-of-the-box improvement on the vanilla robot system, but was also made very easy to change via levelled lists and modcols so that anyone who wants to patch in other mods that add robot parts can do so with ease. All it takes is time. Patch away!

KNOWN ISSUE - In order to make this mod, one significant change had to be implemented - you will for the most part no longer see the 'New robot mods unlocked' message in the corner. That is because in order to unlock the ability to craft these items, you will have to defeat the Mechanist and finish the DLC. This was an unavoidable decision and I cannot rectify it. The mods are too hard-coded to fix this problem. But you will unlock all crafting mods after defeating her anyways, so I feel it's more immersive anyways.