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Gives the 10mm pistol a *much* needed facelift, I sent the design out to Jorhan Stahl and this is what we came up with together. Both 4 and 2k textures included. All of the mods are now included, and I've included a new sound and new materials files for every piece of the weapon to correct the shading issues that were ruining t

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Update 1/23:

I apologize for the extended absence, but massive amounts of OT at work and Elite: Dangerous sucking me back in, haven't left me with much time to get you the stuff you need. Sitting down Monday and going through that whole making it standalone thing, and I'm very near to completion on the combat shotgun/rifle skins from Stahl Armaments. Those will be released as a standalone *only*. I'm going to upload the standalone version of this mod here, at which point I'll have the coding done to get it in game, and get it sold at a vendor or two, most likely the guy in Diamond City and Teagan aboard the Prydwen. Screw the Institute. Maybe. 

The point is, once I sit down and start listening to the Killzone 3 theme again, I'll pound this out and get it uploaded for youse guys. 

Thanks as always for sticking with me, and as a note, getting the Killzone themed mods out is the primary focus of my modding from this point out, mods such as my WW2 German Uniforms will be updated and new ones released, but they're taking a backseat as I'm *much* more interested in integrating the KZ aesthetic to the Commonwealth. Oh, and a while back I caught someone on another site uploading this without credit. Don't do that. Each one of these skins takes upwards of 8 hours to plan, design, test, and render. 

Update 12/19:

This week I will be looking into making this a standalone mod. If successful, the other retextures I have in progress will be released as standalone mods rather than replacers. Apparently putting standalone content into the game isn't super difficult, I just haven't had the time to delve into it yet, but it *is* something I'm working on for you guys. 

Update 12/14:

The newest release is up, 2k textures included. I've included all of the mods for the weapon, redone many of the existing textures from 1.0, fixed the materials issue that was washing out the maps, and included a new sound that fits a pistol such as this much more...tried to get it as close as I could to the game. I'm uploading a video of it in action if you want to give it a listen, and someone also featured the 1.0 mod in a review video of theirs. I feel such a sense of accomplishment. Thanks for sticking with me, and be sure to leave your feedback/pictures/videos, and let me know what you'd like next!

Update 12/13: So extremely very sorry for not getting all the mods out tonight, but a 12 hour work day combined with the company Christmas party wore me the fak out. Sunday will see the release of all the mods for the 10mm pistol, as well as a new sound to go with the gun. Already have the Sharpshooter's Grips done, and they look amazeballs (or whatever kids these days are saying). After the 10mm is done for the time being, I'm going to finish my German uniforms but most importantly, move onto the combat rifle and shotgun, as that's been *heavily* requested, and I aim to please. 

Update 12/11: Added the missing magazine textures to the package, should work marvelously now, so please grab the new one!

Useful for both being more stylish and eliminating ISA scum, the newest addition to the vaunted STA line of weaponry arrives in the Commonwealth in the shape of the STA-20, chambered in 10x25mm. Sporting a combination of brushed metal and ceracoated steel, the weapon's utilitarian aesthetic is offset by the lush grips that have been provided in two types to suit the needs of the user. Proudly featuring the Stahl Armaments logo, as well as labeling in both English and Helghast, the STA-20 is guaranteed to carve a path through the Commonwealth, a path that starts with you. 

At present I have the pistol, the magazine, the standard and comfort grips, and the suppressor finished. I'll be flushing out the package with the remaining accessories as I have the time, figure by early next week I'll have them all up. I put a lot of work into redoing the entire pistol with its original shoddy textures, and though it draws heavy inspiration from the Helghast aesthetic, no copyrighted resources were used at any stage of this. 

Features of your new handgun:

*A rough and ready finish, designed to remain sparsely elegant while defying the harsh elements of the Wasteland.
*A bullet is shown to be in the chamber. Remember folks; never look down the barrel of your gun. Safety first. 
*A carbon fiber magazine with a window allowing you to keep track of the ammunition left. (Note: They actually don't change)
*A labeled fire selector switch to keep track of your weapon status. 
*Elegant engraving and painting of the Stahl Armaments logo, the Helghast Triad, and the various labels on the weapon.
*Redesigned grips featuring several layers of strong, yet supple material for maximum comfort and firmness of grip. They also proudly feature the Helghast Triad, reminding you that the most important things in life are Duty, Obedience, and Loyalty.

And much more to come! 

To install manually, drop the file tree into the \Data folder, to install via the NMM, it should do it with zero issue. Let me know if there are, please.

We hope you enjoy your new weapon, and remember:

Violence is its own economy. Be thoughtful and precise in your investment.