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A much-needed overhaul to the combat rifle. Converts it to 5.56, replaces the receiver mesh, and adds appropriate magazines for each ammo type.

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This quickly went from a simple re-mesh to a proper remake of several of the combat rifle's parts. 

For starters, the receiver has gotten a makeover with a brand new mesh and texture to separate it from the combat shotgun. It now feels like it's a different weapon with some nice sleek edges. I also added a magwell and removed the circular bit from the combat shotgun. The foregrip also now has a fresh new redesign.

The standard combat rifle receivers have been rechambered to 5.56. It makes much more sense that the standard ammo type of this long-range weapon is 5.56, and gives the 5.56 ammo type a little more utility. The .38 receiver has been rechambered to .45 and is now full-auto.

New Magazines:
As for the .45 and .308 receivers, they now have appropriate magazines to match the size of the caliber they are shooting. There are also new drum mags for all calibers. All new parts are added to leveled lists and can be found on enemy weapons. Animation replacers are compatible but may be a bit off on the drum mags.

Below is a video showing off the changes in-game:

Thanks for trying out the mod, hope you enjoy!

Shoutout to Jkruse05 for helping with the magazine swaps!

Made using Blender, Substance Painter & Nifskope.