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A settlement in Far Harbor - Cranberry Island Docks

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This is my first settlement mod.

I am new at this but I think I got i pretty god.

  • The visual build border follows build area.
  • There are a lot to scrap inkluding some bushes and trash. If you don´t get any resources it means you don´t have enough in the scrapper perk.
  • Decals that put stains and stuff disappears when scrapping certain items so the decals (birddroppings and stuff) won´t stick to newly built items.
  • No floating stuff if you scrap something that is located beneath an item.
  • Attackmarkers are placed around the settlement.

Radiation in the area: If you don´t have anything that removes radiation (for example fog condensors) you can remove radiation by scrapping the 4 hazard sign placed around the settlement. Each sign removes radiation in the area around the sign.

Always make a copy of your save game before installing this mod.