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Ever wanted to play as the Metro Federation from Frost, but in vanilla Fallout 4? Well now you can!

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This mod brings the Metro Federation 195 years into the future! Well the armor and flag at least. Now this isn't a straight rip from Frost Survival Simulator. The only two outfits that are 100% the same are the Grunt and Officer outfits, but the Medic and Commander are vastly different than in Frost. I decided to use the Field Scribe outfit for the Medic outfit, since it made sense for a medic to have a backpack to carry medical supplies. As for the Commander outfit, I straight up made it from scratch. Same battlecoat as in Frost but I decided to use the Green Shirt and Boots for the underarmor. I never liked the mobster outfit the Frost version used, a suit isn't really suitable for combat especially in tunnels. You also get to decorate your settlements with the Metro Federation flag in four versions. Wall, short pole, tall pole, and waving pole.