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This Blueprint adds a large Underground Facility to Coastal Cottage (1080 Pieces)! It has all of the things you need in a Standard or Hardcore Player Home! There are several custom pieces of furniture, as well as many items that are standard in ALL OF MY BUILDS. Also, More Storage Than You Can Shake A Mole Rat Stick At.. Like, FOR REAL THOUGH!

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General Archie's Bunker Includes:

3 Beds, 2 of which are provided by Creative Clutter's "Extra Sheets" (see screen shots), 3 Power Armor Stations, 1 Custom Weapons Bench, a Custom Armor Bench, 1 Paint Mixing Station, an Explosives Crafting Bench, 1 Ammo Bench, 1 Custom Chemistry Station, 2 Working Showers, 1 Self-Powered Decontamination Arch, Custom Furniture, 103 Power, 35 Water and much, much more! There are some power connections I designed for you to make, nothing crazy, just interesting. (Exploration Bait?!) =D

Since this was not built in the CK and It is LITTERALLY part of Coastal Cottage, there is no "interior cell" it shares the world space, ie BUILD ABOVE GROUND AT YOUR OWN RISK! Save Early, Save Often! You may see Selectable Items while in Build Mode. While most pieces I built pretty far down, some are just below the surface! Although not as crazy as my Sunshine Tiding Blueprint, With OVER 1 THOUSAND PIECES, you'll see something you like. (Hopefully)

AGAIN, please refer to my included pictures, as the ladder is "hidden" in a custom water well I made from scratch! It is partially submerged under water, all immersive like. If you do not use your Hud's Cross-Hairs (I know many dislike them), you may drink the dirty water, receiving Rad Damage... No Worries, The Decontamination Arch is right next to the ladder! While there is a Fast Travel Mat next to the Main Entrance/Exit, IT WILL NOT TELEPORT YOU UNDERGROUND! However, since The Well Covers The Vanilla "LZ" ie The Spot The Game Places you for Fast Travel, The FT Mat WILL place you in-front of The Well!  ;)


**STORY UPDATED w/ v1.5 (Grammar > Punctuation  >More Tragedy)**

I wrote a large back story for General Archibald Benedict and made it a "Read Me" file (listed under docs) for those interested in a rather cool story full of tragedy and sadness. It really brings the build to life, in my opinion. It also explains the lack of food items. So while exploring the bunker and if you find yourself thinking.. "what's that about?" it will make sense. Again, just my opinion. Some would probably be better off not knowing and others could care less.. I Love You All! ;) <3

Version 1.5.2 Now Available

>1.5.2 Removes Lilly's old bed, since 1.5 added her memorial, the bed wasn't needed. Abagail (My PC) made this change, thinking the bed was creepy. Adds a real privacy screen for Your Bed. Adds a Paint Mixer, Ammo Bench, Explosives Bench (AWKCR) Oh and More Self Powered Lights and Shadow Casting Lights (SOE) If the table lamp and bathroom lights DO NOT activate after connecting the power, selecting them in Build Mode should turn them on. (Tested)


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Even though most of the build is approximately 7 Meters (21ft*) Below The Surface I noticed Rain Inclusion (Actual Rain Drops)  was still an issue! Not sure if this is from True Storms or the Vanilla Issue "Everyone" has already ranted about. I hope your Immersion/RP won't be too broken. Cheers, Adama