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TYR's Companion Pack brings 5 unique Norse themed companions from Appalachia straight into the Commonwealth.

These companions originate from TYR's YouTube character build series in Fallout 76, its been a goal of mine to bring these characters to life as companions in Fallout 4 - and I think that has been achieved fairly well. Enjoy!

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TYR's Companion Pack
This mod pack includes 5 unique fully functional companions based from TYR's Fallout 76 builds on YouTube.
Each companion has their own mini-backstory which will be expanded upon in future iterations of this mod.

The Companions included are:

  • Ragnar, The Gunslinger - Location: Finch Farm

  • Hella, The Operative - Location: Kelloggs House

  • Thor, The Dreadnaught - Location: Cambridge Police Department

  • Odin, The Enforcer - Location: Goodneighbour

  • Freya, The Queen Killer - Location: Outside Virgils Lab

Each companion is equipped with their own loadout that the player cannot take, the weapons the companions wield and the companions themselves are well balanced, however in saying that they are definitely more powerful than the vanilla companions, each companion also grants a special weapon, unique perk magazine and set of armor that the player can take, enjoy using these powerful items.