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The first fallout 4 mod to feature robots, and the only current mod to feature robot settlers!!! (Robots will require power to run!!)

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[Attention: The Robots do require power, you must build the robot power pylon, and then power it with generators, once you do so, pick the robots up and place them down to turn them on "Pre-Geck I can't get an on/off button yet," so this will act as there on/off button for now, as you can see in the picture, they will just stay there lifeless unless you power them]

With the right amount of perks and Materials, You can build any of the following:

Police Protectron, Protectron Brewer, Miss Handy, Fireman Protectron, Lt. Gutsy, Major Gutsy, Mr. Gutsy, Mr. Handy, Sentry, Vertibird, and Assaultron Guardians
[Will Patrol and Defend Settlements, But they do require Power to operate on top of Materials to build them!!]
Additionally you can create these in the non-immersive version of the mod, Deathclaw, Mirelurk Queen, Mirelurk King, Mirelurk Deep King, etc.

Synth, Assaultron, Medic Protectron, Fireman Protectron, Police Protectron and Sentry Settlers
[Synth Settlers are the only fully functioning settler, the other settlers are capable of running supply lines, and defending areas, but will not farm or work guard posts, only synths can farm or defend guard posts!]

Ghouls, Liberty Prime, Legendary Deathclaws, Mercenaries, Gunners, The Forged, and Legendary BOS Enemies
[-ONLY in the NON-Immersive Version-Be warned, all enemies spawned will be allied together, and only focus on you and your allies!!]

[Immersive Version(I suggest this if you want to have a real immersive feel from the mod):]
Includes Robots and Vertibird, Realistic Costs, Power Requirements for robots Etc.

[Non-Immersive Version(Requires Immersive Version to work):]
Includes Enemy Spawner, Mercenaries, Mirelurks and things of that sort

[Update - 8.7: All Robots are now Robot Expert Immune, and there level will multiply based on yours to keep them viable at high levels]

[Update - 8.6: Added Protectron Brewers "No Quest Required to access them," Also further defined and tweaked some things with the new update to FO4Edit more tweaks to come]

[Update - 8.4: Increased Realism Update, Defined and tweaked some more costs, Additionally all robots will now count towards robot population, this means they will give you a tick of population per, but will not require beds to sleep in. Furthermore I have added the protectron pod to my mod for protectrons to sleep in]

[Update - 8.3: Increased Vertibird Flight Height to give it a more realistic feel, Additionally I reduced the roam of the robots to keep them from roaming out of cells and causing resets]

[Update - 8.2: Further defined costs to give a more vanilla feel "Basically used turrets as a base, and multiplied materials based on defense's etc"]

Does your mod work with Home Maker / SSEx / Robot Home Defense ?!?!?!
The Answer is simply yes. As you will see in the image below, My mod is circled in black, and Safe SSex is to the right, while robot home defense is above it, You will notice both of these files have green references, this means that they override something that is previously in the Fallout4.esm, Not a big deal btw, but Mine are all white, this means they override literally nothing. Everything in my mod is entirely new to the game, and not in fallout4.esm