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Replaces 1000+ placed Cigarette and Cigar items with other less useful smoking-related items and makes cigarettes from machines and enemies rarer.

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Cigarette cartons, cigarette packs, and cigar boxes are some of the best loot items you can find due to their high price and extremely low value to weight ratio, but they are also extremely common. The combination of these factors creates a loot / economy problem. Economic theory dictates that prices are mostly driven by supply and demand. Therefore, the prices of smoking items in Fallout 4 would only be justified if supply were much lower assuming that demand for cigarettes is still high. That is where this mod comes in...

All cigarette cartons, packs of cigarettes, and cigar boxes placed in interior cells and exterior worldspace have been replaced by less useful smoking-related items.

cigarette carton -----> cigarette
pack of cigarettes -----> dirty ashtray
cigar box -----> flip lighter

The leveled list referenced by cigarette machines (Container_Loot_CigaretteMachine) has been altered to make cigarettes much less abundant. With this mod installed, a cigarette machine will be empty most of the time or contain a single cigarette. Also, you will find a whole cigarette pack only 5% of the time when looting a cigarette machine.

Additionally, the leveled list connected to ghoul and animal death items (LLD_Junk_VerySmall) has had its cigarette items removed. Consequently, dead ghouls and animals will no longer have cigarettes or cigarette packs in their inventory.

preserved cigarette cartons and packs remain untouched by this mod

This mod DOES NOT break precombines or impact performance.

There is an EXTREME version available under the "FILES" tab that makes more container and enemy leveled list edits. Vendor leveled lists remain untouched, however.

This mod has no requirements other than the base game, but these mods are highly recommended:

Smokeable Cigars - Cigarettes - Joints - With HardCore Auto Save
FROST Survival Simulator
Patch - FROST and Smokeable Cigars-Cigarettes-Joints-With Hardcore Auto Save

If you use a mod that lets you smoke cigarettes and cigars you find in the world, Smokeable Cigars - Cigarettes - Joints - With HardCore Auto Save for example, finding cigarettes will be much more rewarding. With these two mods installed, you may even be forced to buy cigarettes from a vendor to get in a save without sleeping, something that you would never consider in a normal Fallout 4 playthrough.

This mod serves as a perfect complement to a hardcore survival playthrough or a mod like FROST that makes the Commonwealth much more unforgiving.

If you use FROST, Ghouls still have a chance to drop cigarette items because FROST adds the LL_Junk_Small_25 leveled list to the LLD_FeralGhoul leveled listneither of which will be touched by this mod. The chances of ghouls dropping cigarette items in FROST is still lower with this mod installed due to the edits this mod makes to LLD_Junk_VerySmall which is also referenced by LLD_FeralGhoul.