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Changes to DR, ER, RR, and HP stats of all the power armor stats to balance them out better and make them more unique.

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In Fallout 4 the power armors scale in a very linear way Raider>T-45>T-51>T-60>X-01. Each set has better damage (DR) and energy resistance (ER) than the last, but all have the exact same radiation resistance (RR). They're also very overpowered, because of the way the damage resistance system works in Fallout 4, once you get above 1000DR it becomes pretty much impossible to really damage you without getting hit with a mini-nuke. Bethesda seemed to try and balance this out by giving the armor pieces condition health, but those stats are also very high, so the pieces barely ever break, especially on the higher tier armors.

It's clear that Bethesda noticed this when making Fallout 76, which uses the same DR system. They nerfed the armors from 500 - 1820 DR to 240 - 565 DR. They also gave each armor unique radiation resistances which makes sense, the higher tier sets also got pros and cons, to make them more interesting. Obviously, they had to design them around PvP so they had to keep it low for balance. The aim of this mod is to get somewhere in between Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 with DR and ER while also giving each armor unique RR and pros and cons to give the player a reason to use T-51 over X-01 or T-60.

Link to a spreadsheet detailing the stat changes