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This mod adds the classic Doom guy armor from the game Doom.

Permissions and credits
             THE DOOM GUY

This mod adds the armor of the Doom Guy as you can see it in the games Doom and  Quake Champions.
All assets in this mod have been made from scratch using references, 3dsmax, Substance painter, Nifskope, Outfit studio, Material editor.
All texture but one, are 4K.

The armor is craftable at the Chemlab workbench.
What you get:
1 suit.
1 helmet.
a pair of gloves.
A complete set of combat armor,with L/R arms, L/R legs, a torso. (Similar to the vanilla combat armor),with light , medium and heavy version.
All armor sets can be forged separately and you'll need some materials and some perks to be able to do it.
The perks are here to balance the game a little because the armor, especially the heavy version, makes you very powerfull.
For light, you can craft from the beggining, but for medium, you'll need lvl 13/14, lvl 39/40 for heavy.

The armor modifications are the same as the vanilla combat armor(misc, materials) with the ballistic weave being added as a bonus.( beware of the OP, the armor can have around 180 resistance total.)
I also added some radiation resistance.

Optional files:

You can download the main files and play as is.
If you want some muscles for your Doom Guy, you can download the bodyslide files.
Of course you'll need bodyslide and outfit studio by ousnious:
Bodyslide and Outfit studio

and the Super hero body by smorris2012:
Super hero bodies EVB

Just install these mods then my bodyslide files, make you own preset or use the one I provided.
The body parts use vanilla or EVB textures. your choice.

In the download section you will also find a file for people using the High Heel system.
In fact the boots are so big that the sole clips into the ground. It is not really visible but if you want the boots above the floor, download the high heel system, install it and install the HHS file from my mod.
Fo4 High heel system by PKO.

Everything is, of course, ready for NMM or Vortex.And I advice to use these to install or uninstall the mods.


Bethesda and ID software for Fallout and Doom.
Ousnious for Outfit studio and Material editor.
The Nifskope team.
smorris2012 for the super hero body.
PKO for the High Heel System.