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A personal overhaul of the classic Better Synth Relay Grenades mod by StiffyWoods, aimed to balance the mod and fix some issues.

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A simple personal overhaul to StiffyWoods' mod Better Synth Relay Grenades that thought I might share.

ATTENTION: I use the NO SQUADS version for balance, so in case you use the SQUADS version you need to first change to the NO SQUADS version. I also don't use the IPA Power Armor mod (I consider it a little rough around the edges), but may make a version to support it in the future.

The changes done to the original mod are the following:

- Institute & Synth Faction has been added to the spawned NPC's, the "Synth Factions" patch file of the original mod is NO LONGER NEEDED.

- NO MORE Experimental Institute weapon, I nuked it from the file, I considered it too OP and a little out of place, which leads us to the next change.

- Power Armor synths now spawn with an automatic Plasma Rifle.

- Now you can buy Synth Uniforms at the Institute shop, so if you have a mod that does exactly that you NO LONGER NEED IT (plus it would conflict with the original mod since it modifies the same shop item list, the uniform can now also be lootable from dead Gen 1 & Gen 2 you spawn with the grenades).

- Troops health & resistance now follow a more "linear" level according to the synth grenade you use: Gen 1 < Gen 2 < Gen 3 < Courser < Power Armor (Eradicator).

- Sorry Harambe, but to have more immersion I have no choice... (Harambe reference in the Chem Workstation for the Gorilla Grenade eliminated).

- Changed the name "Gen 1 Enhanced Grenade" to just "Gen 1 Grenade" to be in line with the names of the other grenades.

- Prices for each grenade are now more balanced with the level and gear of each synth, the base values are the following:

Gen 1: 60
Gen 2: 100
Gen 3: 130
Courser: 150
Gorilla: 150
Power Armor (Eradicator): 1000 (I know it's expensive, but you spawn a synth in full set of X-01 and a Plasma Rifle you can loot after he dies)

- The amount of grenades sold has been reduced, I did this to reflect the "stock" the Institute would have of it's troops for you, I mean those coursers, gorillas and X-01 parts don't grow on trees.

Any case of any suggestion or bug feel free to tell me.

FUTURE PLAN: I plan on eliminating the annoying commands that pop up even when trying to loot a dead synth without breaking the synths following you around, but I still don't know how to, I'll have to work on it.

All credit goes to StiffyWoods.