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Did you ever think the companions were a little too clean? Then this mod might be for you, it makes all Vanilla human and DLC companions look like a bunch of dirty and rugged wastelanders, with the exception of X6-88.

Permissions and credits
This mod edits the following companions...

Cait - Gives her more scars, adds more dirt and makes her more muscular because she's a cage fighter and Psycho user.

Curie - Adds some dirt and grime to her face as well as some faded scars, that's it. (Forgot to take pictures)

Deacon - Adds more dirt and grime to his face and body, as well as some faded scars, nothing major. (Forgot to add pictures)

Old Longfellow - Made his hairline recede, gave him some old faded scars and added a Sea Captain's hat into his inventory to cover up his receding hairline.

Paladin Danse - Head has been shaved, added more scars and dirt.

Preston Garvey - More scars and burns from the Quincy Massacre, some facial hair, as well as minor vitiligo on his right cheek to make him stand out from other npcs.

Piper Wright - Made her resemble her concept art appearance as well as adding more dirt and light scaring.

Porter Gage - He's already pretty dirty so I didn't need to do much. I Made him dirtier, tanner and added more scars.

Robert MacCready - He's also kind of dirty too so I didn't need to do much. I did try to make his jaw, nose and chin resemble his Fallout 3 appearance just a little more.

X6-88 - Made him taller and little more buff to give him more of a T-00/Mr. X feel (there are no images for him because I forgot to take some).

I'd say the companions that received the most changes are Preston, Cait and Piper.

If you wanna port this to consoles go ahead, just don't forget to credit me.

This mod is best paired up with the following mods

- RealHD Face 2K

- Darker Clothes and Armor

- More Smarter Companions Mod (or something similar)

- Any dark grungy weather mod or enb.