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Adds the iconic Licker from the Resident Evil Series into Fallout 4, with integration and a lore friendly variant.

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FallEvil: My Buisness is B.O.Ws themselves. A one-man journey in opening up the Commonwealth to the Pandora's Box that are the creatures from the world of Resident Evil.

Continuing the project, I present to you the Licker, finally brought out of development. Sorry for the long absence guys, my life has been quite hectic lately.

Currently, this mod features the following:

- Full replacement or Leveled List injection, all left to the players' discretion.

- VATS compatibility

- A glowing variant, that spawns at higher levels

- Dismemberment (only decapitation currently)

- Custom sounds that include death, pain, idle, alerted, and attack swipes.

And before I get barraged with these questions, no this mod will not include a tongue attack nor the ability for the creatures to scale and traverse walls. That would be super damn cool, but it's out of my realm of knowledge and I can take a good gander that such things are not possible due to engine limitations.

Mutant humans that have undergone mutations that have turned them into incredible hunters, with distinctly grotesque features. They are extremely sensitive to sound and posses perfect attributes for killing anything swiftly; these abominations should not to be taken lightly.

In-game, you can expect quite the challenge when you occasionally encounter one. They use strong claw attacks to wipe out their prey, causing moderate stagger and heavy bleeding. Currently, it is possible to run into them in-place of Radscorpions and Feral Ghouls. They are a part of the feral ghoul faction, as they fit the best there and I saw no need to make a custom faction (unless requested). They can also be found early-game for those unfortunate enough to run into them (hint: both in Concord).

Manager de mods. Any that work with FOMOD installers should do.


- Add better integration, though I'm at a loss as to how. Replacement and quest injection is what I'm good at so let me know if there's something else you consider.

- Add some unique drops, maybe some items. Right now Lickers primarily drop ammo, as I have nothing else in mind to put in the list.


That's about it. Again on a more personal note, I had no idea what was in store for me when I made the post about having the Licker ready at the end of February. Man was I blissfully unaware lol.

I highly recommend you use an ENB, because it makes the fleshiness and glow of the Licker just that much more badass. I myself am using Wild Enb.

Remember that poll? I'm still working on the candidates, don't worry...

Have a great day my fellow modders !