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About this mod

This mod will add a new paint color to your robot.
With this color, you can remove rust and paint lifting from your robot.
Also, you will be able to paint the robot's weapons (guns only), which were not paintable before.
The concept of this mod is to make the robot look like brand new.

Permissions and credits
I only speak Japanese.

Available 9 colors : white, black, silver, blue, red, green, yellow, pink. aqua
To use, simply specify the color on the robot's workbench.
Melee weapons and DLC plate armor parts are not supported.
If you like this mod, please endorse.

◆◆ Update 1.3 ◆◆
It is now possible to paint Drinkin Buddy, which was not possible before.
If you have already met Buddy, you may not be able to see the painting category, or you may not be able to paint his feet.
Please use it on a save data where you have not met Buddy yet.

◆ Install
Install with mod manager.

◆ Uninstall
Before uninstalling, be sure to remove the color of this mod from the your robot.
If you uninstall the mod without removing the color, the robot workbench may break.

◆ Note
Use with ENB.
Depending on the ENB preset, the color may look different from the color in the screenshot.
The resolution of Textures is the same as vanilla, so there is no performance loss.

◆ Known Issues
Some block noise in the light reflection of Protectron's default head armor, but I don't know why.
Currently, the overall quality is not good. But I plan to improve it when I have time.

◆ If you are not satisfied with this mod
If you don't see a color you like in this mod, comment with the RGB value or color image.
I will try to make it when I have time.

But, I do not accept any requests other than color requests.
Your ideal paint job is different from my ideal paint job.
And even if you think you can do it easily, in reality it is often difficult in terms of time and skills.

There are many other mods in Nexus that allow you to paint your robot, so please use those.

Laurent's Robot Skins
Automatron Robot Faction Paint Jobs
Military paint for Automatron robots
Camouflage Robot Paintjobs
Automatron Robot Vault-Tec Paint Jobs
Pintura Pre-Guerra Automatron PT-BR

◆ About rights
I have spent a lot of time editing Diffuse and Specular.
Please be sure to credit this mod if you release new paint colors using Diffuse/Normal/Specular that I have edited.
Or specify my mod as the master file.

◆ Thanks
With CDante's permission, I copied only the necessary parts of his Moddable Buddy Mod to ACP v1.3.5.
Thanks to CDante for his help.