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This mod has several features. 1. The mod adds a workbench that allows you to craft certain clothing, armor & power armor to boost your Charisma 2. Adds new recipes to cooking station that have chem effects without addiction 3. Adds new plants that can be farmed and new decorative plants for landscaping

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This mod adds the Charisma Workbench - looks like an armor workbench but crafts only items specific to this mod. At this crafting station you can craft most companion outfits, some armor, and all power armor pieces to boost your charisma (each piece adds +2 Charisma.) If you like a lot of settlers, this mod is for you! Other items able to be crafted at the workbench include: bobby pins & Deathclaw gauntlets. You can also purchase planting supplies at the workbench. There is no local leader or other skills requirement to build this workbench, it will be available to create immediately in the workshop. 

Workshop items added: tons of new farmable crops for your settlers (under the miscellaneous section of the resources menu.) All wild plants can now be farmed at your settlement including: wild corn, wild tarberries, wild mutfruit, hubflower, wild carrot flower, bloodleaf, glowing fungus, and tons more! You can also farm fresh plants (like Vault 81) in planters. *Please Note* Planters do *not* snap to tables, must be placed on the ground. Other planter items include the BOS experimental plant, as well as mutfruit & tato. In the main food tab, you can now plant Tarberry (in water) like found at The Slog.

In the workshop build menu miscellaneous section you can now add decorative trees and plants to your settlements. There is both pre-war/institute healthy plants, as well as tons of wasteland appropriate plants. You will also be able to create a power armor frame! The frame can then be outfitted with the pieces of your choice (you can create them at the Charisma workbench.)

Another feature of this mod is new recipes added to the cooking workbench. You will now be able to use all the pre-packaged food and wild wasteland plants to create all new items that have the effects of Chems! This feature was inspired by all those companions that hate drug use! You can even craft Mirelurk Steaks and Salsa - an edible that acts like a Stealth boy :)  

All the visuals for items in this mod come directly from the game files. All armor and clothing is able to be modified at the armor workbench in the same ways as the vanilla items (works with the creation club armor skins and vaultsuit customization.) 

This mod is compatible with CBBE.

Due to the items included, this mod does require the Far Harbor DLC and the NukaWorld DLC.