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Kept it contained within its default boundaries, its a simple yet peaceful little farming community, fully decorated

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Scrapping - I scrapped the entire building and the small side shack for the crazy dude, which I accidentally killed in mine haha, I used the insert key with Scrap everything and just deleted his computer and his body, I left the tile around the pool alone but I built over it, so don't worry about touching that, I scrapped every single plant in range and used /tg to remove the grass poking through the floor, Also removed their farm and rebuilt it in my style. I left an extra area to expand into inside the roof area, two levels, up to you what to do with it.


1.Homemaker - Expanded Settlements
2.Just some Rugs
3.Snappy HouseKit
4.Settlement Keywords Expanded
5.Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
6.Renovated Furniture
7.Renovated Decorations