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Looksmenu Preset Ellen the cartographer Looks menu

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Looksmenu Preset Ellen the cartographer Looks menu 

The wonderful Ellen

Do a manual download and put presets here: (if you don’t have the presets folder make one)
Unpack the zip file and then...

For Vortex:
For Mod Organizer 2:

* whatever name you chose setting up MO2.
I suppose you could put the files in Fallout 4 like above.
But that defeats some of the features of MO2.

To change Ellen or to make changes to anyone else in the game. 
Position yourself to be looking at your companion.
Click  ~  to open the console.
Click on your companion.
Doing that displays a series of numbers. 
You will type    slm “those numbers” 1   
Example    slm “2600d235” 1
You do need those quotes.
That should bring up LooksMenu.
If it didn’t keep trying.
Click  ~  to close the console.
In LooksMenu it's easy to apply a preset. 
Click Preset and then click the one you want to apply.
It's not applied until you ok it. So try each one. Press enter to apply preset. 

You can apply presets or change whatever you want.
Be sure to save preset after editing.

To get closer to the player's face, if need be, do this.
Click  ~  to open the console.
Type   tfc 1   and press enter.
This freezes the screen and frees the camera.
Type   ~   to close the console.
Use your W,A,S,D keys and your mouse to move around and get closer to your face.
Then edit your player's face. When you are finished save as preset.
Click  ~  to open the console
Type   tfc 1   and press enter to unfreeze the screen. 
Click  ~  to close the console.