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Adds a golf club weapon to the game. Sold by merchants and used by raiders. ESP-FE plugin.

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Adds a new weapon to the game: 9 Iron.

Sometimes you just have to take your mind off things in the wasteland and have a relaxing round of golf. One club isn't much to play with but still better than no clubs at all. And if some ugly wasteland creature decides to rudely interrupt your game, you can use it to teach them some manners.

The weapon is sold by merchants and sometimes used by raiders. Injected to leveled lists with a script.

9 Iron stats:
  • Base damage: 18
  • AP cost: 24
  • Speed: Medium
  • Weight: 3

  • Barbed Wire (Targets bleed.)
  • Weighted Head (Better damage.)
  • Weighted Head + Barbed Wire (Targets bleed. Better damage.)
  • Heavy Head (Superior damage.)
  • Heavy Head + Barbed Wire (Targets bleed. Superior damage.)