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Forget sleeping! This mod adds a new chem to the Commonwealth, caffeine pills! But watch out, these are pretty damn addictive.

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                                         "Sleep is for unproductive communists!"

                                                                                                                                    -George Washington (probably)

   Is sleep getting in the way of your productivity? Need to go on that small extra 6 hour push to finish the job? Well, you're in luck!

   Introducing the All-Nighter, this top of the line caffeine based supplement will give you the energy you need! Feeling sleepy? Pop a few of these and you'll feel like you've just got out of a month long vacation, and the effects are long lasting. After all, sleeping is for lazy communists, and you're not either of those things, are you? Are you?


                                                                          Thanks to Degenerate Dak for showcasing my mod!

General Description

   This mod adds a brand new chem to the Commonwealth, the All-Nighter, it gives long lasting boost (5 min) for Endurance, Agility, and AP regen. Also, in Survival, keeps sleep at bay (twice what a Nuka Cola Quantum would do). However, it has a 1/4 chance of making you addicted, withdrawal will reduce your Endurance and Agility by 2.

  All-Nighter is added to the leveled lists and can be crafted at the Chem Station if you have the 1st rank of the Chemist perk.

  It also features its unique custom label (made well as my limited talents allowed) on a retexture of the Buffout bottle. Based on Ephla's retexture from Retextured Chems V.2 (with permission).


  This mod alters a few leveled list, chem specific ones so if it may conflict with other mods that do the same, placing it earlier in the load order will have those record overwritten by later mods you might deem more important. All-Nighter may be rarer this way, but will be craftable regardless.
  Should I learn a better method to integrate it, I will update it. Suggestions welcome.


Ephla - For allwing me to use his Buffout assets as base
Bethesda - For making the game and the Creation Kit
Water - For keeping me hydrated (Drink water, kids!)