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Transforms the vanilla Curie into the beautiful, French medic she was always meant to be!

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-CURIE-ISH CURIE by Silverx-

There are many great Curie replacer mods out there, and I wanted to give my shot at what I think Curie looks like to me. Now, she looks like the beautiful, French medic that she was always meant to be. The result makes her look 100x more immersive (and human!)


- LooksMenu Customization Compendium
- MiscHairstyle
- The Eyes of Beauty 
- Eli's Armor Compendium (if using the new outfit version)
- Appealing Moles (see sticky in discussion)


  • There are two versions. One version requires Elianora's Armor Compendium. This version changes Curie's vanilla outfit into something more fitting and less bland. It will conflict with any mod that changes Curie's outfit form. The other version removes the outfit changes. This is to prevent file conflicts or if you're afraid of downloading another mod. 

  • Another important note is that MiscHairstyles is no longer available on the Nexus. However, if you search it on the Internet, you're likely to come across a version of it. 

Both files are ESL-flagged. 
Made with FO4Edit and Face Ripper.

Special thanks to Reema the Roamer for their fantastic tutorial on FO4Edit and Face Ripper.