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Rebalances Unoctium's Enclave X-02 Power Armor's damage and energy resistance to better match the older titles.

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This mod is a rebalance of Unoctium's Enclave X-02 Power Armor that decreases each piece's base Damage and Energy Resistance by 75% while softly increasing it's durability and leaving Radiation Resistance untouched. This mod is meant to be used alongside Guapscotch's Classic Power Armor Rebalance. It's not required, but highly recommended.


  • X-02 Torso: Health increased to 600, DR decreased to 57 and ER decreased to 45.
  • X-02 Helmet: Health increased to 200, DR decreased to 32 and ER decreased to 27.
  • X-02 Arms and Legs: Health increased to 150, DR decreased to 20 and ER decreased to 12.



  • Unoctium - Author of the original mod.
  • Guapscotch - Author of Classic Power Armor Rebalance, which this mod is based on.