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Over two hours of new radio content, including a host that speaks about his life in the wasteland, gives player tips, and comments on the universe.

Permissions and credits
Jetfuel Radio is a radio mod that gives players over two hours of unique content
You get 46 brand new songs and an in-universe host.

The host introduces each song, speaks about his life in the wasteland, gives player tips and comments on the fallout universe.

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There's over 100 years of musical evolution that is missing from the game.
These tracks could conceivably fit into the pre-war world that isn't talked about.
The host addresses how he found this music on-air.


1.0 Changes:
  • Standalone
  • Music station will not repeat a song if it was in the previous 5 songs played
  • 7 new songs and banter.

Track List and Artist Credits
Everything in BLUE is donated by independent musicians.
Everything in WHITE is creative commons music.
Everything in PURPLE is creative commons music used as interludes. These were not announced by Dozer on-air.

  1. "All I Ever Do Is Win" - The Luxury link
  2. "Why'd You Hurt Me" - Glenn Yoder & The Western States link
  3. "Papa Plays The Drums" - The Doped Up Dollies link
  4. "Say A Prayer" - Nemes link
  5. "Bethany" - Goddamn Draculas link
  6. "Forget To Breathe (Acoustic Version)"- Joe Bermudez ft Natasha Anderson link
  7. "Where you are now" - Hans Atom ft. WolfFly link
  8. "Some Bullets Are Dreams" - My Teenage Stride link
  9. "Hey Joe Kelly" - The Immaculates link
  10. "Funeral Song" - MINKS link
  11. "Pizza Pasta" - Night Manager link
  12. "Goodbye" - Hash link
  13. "Song No02" - Room For A Ghost link
  14. "Other Side" - Lame Drivers link
  15. "Shotglass" - Jeffrey Philip Nelson link
  16. "Lackidasical" - Oh Yeah, The Future link
  17. "The Pursuit of Unintentional Humor" -  Oh Yeah, The Future link
  18. "Brainwasher" - Hash link
  19. "Men Don't Cry" - Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands link
  20. "Eddie Japan" - Albert link
  21. "Blown to Bits" - Rival Island link
  22. "Go For Broke" - Petty Morals link
  23. "Matt Foley" - O.A. link
  24. "Time 2 Let Go" - '98 Bulls link
  25. "Siesta" - Jahzzar link
  26. "The Last Ones" - Jahzzar link
  27. "Burn" - Room For A Ghost link
  28. "Favorite Secrets" - Waylon Thornton link
  29. "Roads That Burned Our Boots" - Jahzzar link
  30. "Get Some!" - Cruel Miracle link
  31. "Lightning Strikes" - XL Kings link
  32. "Television" - The Beets link
  33. "Only" - Phonetag link
  34. "Graceland Cemetery" - Sleep Out link
  35. "Waste of TV" - Hans Atom link
  36. "Holiday Funky Blues" - Snowflake link
  37. "Deep Thinking" - The Wippets link
  38. "I've Got Another One" - Psychadelic Clown Car link
  39. "I, I, I" - Big D & The Kid's Table link
  40. "COP" - Comforter link
  41. "Go With It Girl" - The World/Inferno Friendship Society link
  42. "Fair Well Whiskey: - Down With Me link
  43. "Rewind" - Saturaday Drive link
  44. "Old School Yard" - Down With Me link
  45. "I Know What You're Thinking" - Saturday Drive link
  46. "Electrical Love Machine" - Dailey Khaos Delivery link


Install using nexus mod manager!


Copy archive contents into your Fallout's DATA folder, maintaining the file structure.

Admins and Moderators: I have submitted a support ticket with all the information needed to prove these artists gave me permission to use their mods. Message me if you need me to message you.

Current Issues
  • Some volume tweaks needed. PM me if you have any specific notes so I can refine.

Plans for the future:
  • Dozer commentary on player progression
  • Original in-universe songs
  • Original character interviews
  • Real-world location
  • Dozer as NPC/Quest Giver
  • Dozer as Companion/Romance/Perk
  • NPCs relating to Jetfuel Radio Lore.