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Old School Ink for your wasteland hero. Color tats in the vintage style known as American Traditional'

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Female Version

Vintage Ink for your wastelander. Just like it says. I made these for myself and then thought I would share them.  As of now there are 4 styles. I will make more if people like it. Male only so far.  I am waiting to do a female version when a suitable body is released. I might make a version for one of the popular ones now if I get the authors permission and enough people want it. :)

Thanks Tyrannicon for featuring my humble mod in your video!

Dig this:

REQUIRES the following mod:
Unique Player

This is a simple texture mod. I've done up 4 versions, all with different styles but theme is the same. This is what ink was like in World War 2 and after. One thing is for sure, my character was in the military and it seems reasonable that he would have gotten ink from various places he served. 

This style of ink looks the way it does for a reason. Back in the 40s and 50s this is what a lot of color tattoos looked like. Not bright and shiny but slightly faded and not perfect. The ink was different. The art was different. My Granpappy had 2 he got during World War 2, my Pops has 3 from his time in the 101st Airborne in Korea etc etc. These are the tats I saw as a kid on that generation. Old School American Traditional. Thats what it's called.

I also redid the horrible underwear our vault dweller was stuck with. Sorry if you hate it, but like I said I made this for me and decided to share it. Its not a separate thing, its part of the package.

I bought a royalty free collection of art that included a lot of vintage ink flash (flash is what Tattoo art is called in case you didnt know) for my design biz. Most of this comes from that. Also, picked up several public domain images over the years online from places like Wikki Commons etc. Any issues, feel free to message me.

How do you use these jiffy textures?

Step 1
Install Unique Player. (  http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3718/? )

This mod allows YOU to have a UNIQUE Character. It makes it so your skin isnt the same as the rest of the loligaggers in the wasteland. Also, make sure to endorse d_rail1602s mod. Its simple and fantastic. I would not mind if you endorsed mine as well ;)

Step 2
Download the files here MANUALLY. DON"T use NMM because I have not set it up for that. (If anyone can help with an installer, that would be swell!!)

Step 3.

Pick one and drag the data folder into your main Fallout 4 directory where everything always goes.

Inside the file will be 4 folders. Open those and and pick ONLY ONE. Inside each folder will be a data folder. Inside of that will be a Texture folder. If you installed Unique Player correctly then all you need to do is drop the DATA folder into you Fallout 4 directory

If you have never ever used a mod, there are many how to installs videos on youtube. Consider this mod
for those who already know what they are doing.
This cant, wont, never could break your game or blow up your save. Thats not how a texture file works, so dont flip out if something goes wrong. odds are it's something you did. Like with anything, use at your own risk. ;)

Regarding Unique Player:
See that mods page for install details.

These are the included files
for each ink set.
  • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanMale/MaleBody_d.dds
  • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanMale/MaleBody_n.dds
  • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanMale/MaleBody_s.dds
Any question, post a comment. :)
If you could, please post screenshots. I love seeing them!


d_rail1602 for the Unique Player Mod
Every Tattoo Artist ever