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TWB Bodyslide Presets (True Wasteland Body) Muscle Edition. Five, No... Six, No... Now with SEVEN Muscle bodies for your enjoyment.
You got muscle?
We got muscle!

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Me want that face too.

I've added a seventh body. TWB NFW. This body is beyond OH MY. You want her big? This is it.
No pic yet of TWB NFW, coming soon. Look at OH MY and think BIGGER.

The files are not sorted to match the picture showing the types. Choose carefully.

BB MAX PLUS is between BB MAX and OH MY

Put these wonderful, fantastic, magnificent, muscle bodies here: (one or all seven)

Fallout 4/data/tools/bodyslide/sliderpresets/


For Mod Organizer 2:
ModOrganizer\<*________>\mods\BodySlide and Outfit Studio\Tools\BodySlide\SliderPresets
* Whatever name you chose setting up MO2.

In BodySlide. The Outfit/Body pulldown choose [true wastleand body]. Then these presets should show.

These are built from my observations of actual Bikini, Physique, and BB competitors.
I’ve made six seven different presets. The least amount of muscle is bikini. The next is physique. See the pics for comparisons.

Once everything is setup it's extremely easy to use Bodyslide to apply a preset. Bodyslide does not open in Fallout 4. Bodyslide opens on its own. While this isn’t a Bodyslide tutorial here are some pointers. You’ll need clothing. Find clothing that says it's for twb true wasteland body, but there's the catch. Go to the Files folder of the item you want to download. Click “Preview file contents” to make sure it has Tools/Bodyslide/etc. If it doesn’t it will be a lot harder to get those to work. I still haven't found out how.

After loading your preset or making your body. Fit the clothing to your body. Click “Batch Build” in the lower left of Bodyslide window. Make sure everything is checked and click build. 

To get a standalone follower like Heather Casdin to have your body. Change her outfit to one that works for the player's body. (It's easy to tell if it works. If it doesn't the player will revert to no muscle.) Click the clothing in your inventory to put it in her inventory. Hover over it to highlight it. Don’t click it, that will put it back in your inventory. Then at the bottom of the window click Equip. I think it's equip. Few choices, you'll get it. 

Pictured armor is   Sarah Rage Armor   found at: True Wasteland Body - Conversion

There are a lot more clothing choices for TWB than Jane Bod

Here are my other mods. 

This mod was brought to you today by the letters W and G, and the number 69.